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What We Love This Week, Ep 3

This is our weekly feature where we share all the things we have fallen in love with this week.

In this episode, we talk about…….

International Women’s Day 1:00
New YouTube Channels 3:30
New Instagram Accounts 7:00
Sew Dainty Necklaces 10:15
Yull Shoes 12:00
Simplicity Pattern Haul 14:40
Shopping Trip & Other Stories 15:45
What We Are Watching on TV 19:45

Here are all the links:

YouTube Channels

Nick Verreos

Five Minute Crafts Girly

Instagram Accounts

Pink Coat Club
VictoriaLucilleAnne (Dance Baby 412)
Dogs In Food

High Street Favourite

& Other Stories

TV Shows


Sew Dainty

Sewing Patterns

Simplicity Patterns


Yull Shoes

Want More?

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