Are you are looking to boost your sewing skills? Need to learn how to use your overlocker properly? Then rest assured, you are in the right place!

Our sewing skills classes are aimed at the intermediate sewist. This simply means someone who knows how to handle a sewing machine but is looking to take their sewing ability to the next level. We can help you raise your sewing game and build your confidence!

Do you need to improve the fit of your garments? Do you want to learn to use an overlocker? Want to learn to hack patterns like a professional? We have all the classes you need. Our sewing skill classes can build your confidence and take your sewing to the next level!

Guide to Overlockers & Guide to Coverstitch Machines

Are you guilty of having an unloved overlocker? Are you frightened by that coverstitch machine? Check out these classes to find out what you can learn about your machines today. So often our machines are underused and our sewing skills will benefit hugely just by knowing exactly what they can do.

So if you have always wanted to learn to use an overlocker properly then look no further! Both of these classes can be used with any brand of type of overlocker or coverstitch, you do not have to have the same brand like us. All overlockers and coverstitch machines work work in a very similar fashion but may look different and have their own little quirks. Make sure you have your manual to hand and we are sure that you will be loving your machine in no time!

All of our customers have loved these classes, but don’t just take our word for it….

“Excellent tutorials. My overlocker is not a Janome but all of these lessons have been super useful. I’ve been fearful of trying many of my overlocker’s clever features (and are the reason that I bought it) but am now feeling much more confident to use it more fully. Thank you!”

Donna Duggleby

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