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Want to make your own clothes but don’t know where to start? If you are new to dressmaking it can feel like there is so much to learn but we are here to hold your hand as you learn how to construct your first garment! This Guide To Dressmaking For Beginners class is perfect for anyone wanting to take their first steps towards finishing a me-made garment.

πŸ•“ 4.5 Hours | 80+ Lessons


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This Guide To Dressmaking class has been designed to help bridge the gap between the basics of learning to sew and finishing a me-made garment. Are you ready to start learning how to take the amazing ideas in your head and turn them into actual clothes you can wear?!

Every pattern you sew is different and will require different sewing skills, but we’ll make sure you understand all the basic techniques and give you a solid foundation to tackle your dressmaking projects. Let us help you gain the knowledge you need to tackle any sewing pattern as you build your dressmaking skills!

Learn all about seams, how different shapes fit together, how to fix your mistakes and how to understand a sewing pattern. Get our advice on how to choose, prepare and cut your fabrics how to make your garment look as neat on the inside as the outside. Learn the best construction techniques to achieve perfect darts, pleats, gathers and take all the fear out of zips and buttonholes.

Plus you can take a fun quiz at the end of each section to test how much you have learned, and follow along with our 50-page Guide To Dressmaking For Beginners Workbook containing lots of handy references and practice exercises.

Let’s get started on your dressmaking journey together….

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What You Will Need

You do not need to follow along with a specific pattern to take this class, but the tools you will need for basic dressmaking include:

β˜… a sewing machine

β˜… scissors for paper and fabric

β˜… pins

β˜… a small ruler

β˜… a marking pen or chalk

β˜… some fabric scraps for practice exercises

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