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Beginner | Dressmaking


Nikki & Rachel


Beginner | Dressmaking

Guide To Dressmaking

Level 2

4.5 Hours

80+ Lessons

Want to make your own clothes but don’t know where to start? If you are new to dressmaking it can feel like there is so much to learn but we are here to hold your hand as you learn how to construct your first garment! This Guide To Dressmaking For Beginners course is perfect for anyone wanting to take their first steps towards finishing a me-made garment. 

Also available in a bundle.


What You Will Make...

In this course we focus on developing your dressmaking knowledge and techniques rather than making a specific item of clothing. Every pattern you sew is different and will require different sewing skills, but we’ll make sure you understand all the basic techniques and give you a solid foundation to tackle your dressmaking projects. We’ll help you gain the knowledge you need to tackle any sewing pattern as you build your dressmaking skills!


50-Page Workbook

Full of helpful tables, diagrams, cheat sheets and practice templates that you can use during the course and for the rest of your sewing journey.

Use with any pattern

You'll learn all the construction techniques you need to use on any sewing pattern. This course is a reference that you can refer to on all your projects.

What you will learn...

This Guide To Dressmaking course has been designed to help bridge the gap between the basics of learning to sew and finishing a me-made garment.

Plus you can take a fun quiz at the end of each section to test how much you have learned!

How It Works

What Others Are Saying...

The class covered a lot of topics so I had to keep reminding myself that I can keep the course information as a reference. Enjoyed the banter between the instructors. You both present in a way that makes me feel I can actually do this.

I have enjoyed every aspect of this class. I am not a total beginner and have made several items of clothing but I did not realise quite how much I still had to learn. Having purchased this course and knowing that I can access it any time gives me so much confidents. Your descriptions and processes are so clear and concise.

This course has been exactly what I have been looking for. I needed a refresher course that was local to me and I was extremely hesitant to undertake an online course. I took a gamble online and as the price was so reasonable, I thought it was worth the risk and you girls haven’t disappointed! Ideally, I would love for someone to sit over my shoulder and guide me with my projects, but this is course has been the very next best thing. Thank you both!

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