Sew A Clasp Purse

Learn to sew a clasp purse! A great introduction to making bags for beginners. This fun class will show you how to draft your own pattern to suit any size or shape clasp.

⏱ 1 Hour | 11 Lessons



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Learn to sew a clasp purse with our easy online sewing class. Draft your own pattern for any size or shape clasp. An intro to beginner bag-making skills.

In this class, we will guide you through every step to sew a clasp purse – handy for storing loose change or all those extra loyalty cards we have in our wallets!

First we’ll show you how you can design your own purse and draft your own template to fit any size clasp. Then we’ll walk you through every step of sewing it up. When you make a clasp purse, you will learn… to cut your outer and lining fabrics; how to use and apply fusible fleece; how to mark cut and sew boxed corners to create dimension; and how to turn through a close a turning hole.

Finally, we’ll walk you through the fiddly task of hand sewing your clasp to the bag.

A great class for anyone wanting a quick sewing project, a beginner sewing project or looking for sewing gift ideas.

What You Will Need

To follow along with the lessons in this class you will need the following tools and materials:

★ paper, pencil, tape, ruler, curved edge, tracing wheel, scissors OR

★ your downloadable template

★ 0.25m of woven fabric (more if you are making a larger purse)

★ a 3.5″ curved clasp (or any other size/shape you like)

★ 0.2m of fusible fleece or interfacing

★ embroidery thread

★ embroidery needle

optional: fabric double sided sticky tape

optional: point turner

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