Improver Sewing - Level 3

Time to plan your dream wardrobe...

Is making clothes your thing? Ours too! Nothing inspires us more than creating for our own wardrobes. If you want to get better at dressmaking, these courses will help you up your game! These have helped so many other sewists to develop their dressmaking skills. How would you like to improve?

Understanding Sewing Patterns

We will help you to figure out which garment to make, how to choose your size, how much fabric to buy and which pieces of the pattern to use. Get an in-depth understanding of ease and how that relates to the fit of your garments. We’ll even show you how to blend between sizes if, like most of us, you are not the same pattern size all over.


We cover every detail of owning and using an overlocker, walking you through every button, dial and lever. Take an in-depth look at tension; learn how cutting widths and differential feed can help you get the perfect stitch for every kind of fabric; troubleshoot everything from skipped stitches to broken needles.


A coverstitch machine can give your garments a really professional finish, but they can be scary. We’ll make it simple as we take you through threading, basic stitching, needle and looper tension, differential feeds, presser foot pressure and how to adjust your settings for different fabrics.


We teach you to hack any sleeve pattern into 12 different sleeve designs that can be as subtle or dramatic as you wish. Follow along with any full size pattern and dive straight into creating your designs. Or get lots of practice first using the half size templates provided with the course.

Want to specialise in something specific?

Our skill-builder courses leave no stone unturned so you can sharpen your expertise and produce even better garments…

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