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Learn to Sew

Anyone can learn to sew! It’s really fun and, once you know how, it’s really easy! If you are completely new to sewing and don’t even know where to start….. We’ve got you covered with our completely FREE Learn To Sew class!!

Over 18 high quality video lessons we will give you all the basics step-by-step. Starting right at the beginning, we will explain what a sewing machine is and how it works. Then we’ll hold your hand through the scary threading and first stitches, before giving you lots of tips and tricks to get you started.

This class is completely FREE, no strings attached. You simply need to create a login for the e-learning platform and then you can get watching!

And once you have mastered the basics of using a machine, we have several other FREE classes you can try for your first project (and our paid classes start at just £9.99!).

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