Yes, you heard it right! This is where you will find all of our free classes!!

We all love a little something for nothing so we think it’s really important for us to have an offering of free classes for you all. This is a great way to try out our website and see how the learning platform works. You can check out our method of teaching and make sure you like how it flows before buying a class.

Please note that you still need to go through the same checkout process even though you are purchasing a free class. This is just how our website works but don’t worry, you won’t be charged a penny.

Start with Learn to Sew

Of course, the best place to start is our Learn to Sew Class. This class will teach you everything you need to know to get started on your sewing journey. It’s a completely free class and we are so proud of it! We explain everything about the machine, how to thread it, the tools you will need, and how to start sewing.

What’s next?

Once you have completed the Learn to Sew class you then have a selection of other small, quick makes which will all you to practice your new-found skills. Of course, these will also teach you new things too! Sew A Fabric Basket is an introduction to patchwork and quilting and Zipper Pouch will help you sew your first-ever zip! How to Sew Bunting is always a popular class and commonly the next thing people sew after they complete the Learn to Sew Class.

There will be no sewing space complete without a Cactus Pincushion! This one doesn’t involve too much sewing but it is really cute for your sewing pins! Finally, the Clasp Purse is a class where we show you how to draft your own pattern as well as make this cute little purse.

All of these classes are perfect as gifts, for yourself or for as many people as you like! Remember that each project you complete is great practice for your new found hobby and you will be learning all the time. We see these classes as our gift to you, our wonderful customers! We hope you enjoy them.

There’s Free Stuff On Our Blog Too

Yes, thats right there’s much more free stuff just for you, not just free classes! Our blog is filled with amazing articles and tutorials for you to try out. You should also head over to Youtube where you will find loads of video’s to entertain and guide you in your sewing.

This another of our fabulous draft your own patterns. This time it’s Dungarees/Overalls and we just love them! Draft your own pattern and sew along with us!
Our DIY Quilt As You Go Shopper is the perfect next project after you make your fabric basket. This tutorial shows you how to make this cute bag using the same process you learn in the class.

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