Our Dressmaking and Sewing Classes are aimed at making your dressmaking journey easier. We try to bring you help in those tricky areas, taking the stress out of dressmaking, and allowing your creativity to flow. Making our own clothes really is something very special to both of us. We love the creativity of matching fabrics to patterns, and the freedom of hacking a pattern design to make it your own.

Where do you start?

If you are brand new to sewing we suggest that you start with our Learn to Sew online class. We will teach you everything you need to know to get started (this can also be a handy refresher if you haven’t sewn for a while!) After that, we suggest you try our Guide to Commercial Patterns class. This will help you understand patterns and how they work…they really can be quite confusing! We help you find your size, understand ease and show you how to make simple adjustments.

After that, you can head into one of Dressmaking Classes, Sew A Simple Skirt online class. We show you how to draft your own pattern from your measurements. You can then sew along with us to make either a pleated or gathered skirt, from start to finish.

Do you have Overlocker and Coverstitch issues?

Once you get started on your dressmaking journey it can be tempting to buy an overlocker or coverstitch machine to improve your garments. We love both of these machines but they can sometimes have a bad reputation for being tricky to use! Not with our Guide to Overlockers and Guide to Coverstitch online classes. We promise you will be using them like a pro in no time, just read what some other’s have said about these classes.

Overlocker Review
Coverstitch Review

More Dressmaking goodness!

Once you have enjoyed some of our Dressmaking Classes it’s time to head over to the blog! Our Dungaree and Kaftan tutorials have been super popular with you all, and they are totally free! We show you how to draft your own pattern from simple rectangles and then we take you through the sewing, step by step. So once you have learned some basics why don’t you give them a try….plus you can find a lot more on both our blog and youtube channel.

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