11 thoughts on “Sewing Patterns For Beginners: Simple Tops”

  1. Hi there,

    I just finished the first of two tops I am planning to make:
    Just the simple one to start with.
    I used a printed jersey for this one.
    Couple of ‘hacks’
    I brought the front down a bit so that the neckline dips as well. I find this a bit more flattering.
    I also managed to use my Overlocker (did the course on that with you as well)
    I used a double needle to finish off the hem.

    I would love to post pictures of my project if I can figure out where to put them.

    Thanks sisters.
    Fran Barham

  2. Help please ladies, I took the plunge and made the top A all went well until I tried it on and found that it goes into an upside down V in the centre front and back, What did I do wrong please? going to try to save it with a frill on the bottom as I love the fabric that I used. Many thanks in advance.
    PS I made size L which looked huge before I tried it on and was quite roomy.

    1. Hi there
      Can we ask is your fabric quite slippery? If so it could be just how difficult it was to cut your neckline. If you think it might be something else please feel free to email us more detail or send us a picture at mail@thestitchsisters.co.uk so we can take look.

      1. Hi Fabric was ok. Not very slippery at all, Neckline was easy ish to cut and I did stabalise with pins. I was suprised how easy it all was and for something I have avoided like the plague for a long time. I sent you pictures to the email above. I now think I have worked out what may be the issue. It is the shoulder slope that I think is causing the distortion. When I put the top onto my manekin it still does the same thing so going to try to make another one but give it a shoulder seam to make a slight slope towards the sleeve before adding the sleeve part. The one I have made isnt saveable as I dont know of anything to do so will have to go in the bin and put it down to education.

  3. I was really pleased with my first top until I washed it. I had used pinking shears on all the raw edges but it’s come out of the wash with an awful lot of fraying. With only 1/4 inch seam allowance, it doesn’t give you a lot to cut back or overedge stitch. Not sure what to do.

    1. Hi Louise,
      You can always go over the edge of the fabric with a zig zag stitch. This will help to reduce the number of frays. Trim the frays off first before doing your zigzag stitch.

      1. Thank you. Just managed to tidy it up by doing a ‘multiple zig-zag’ (Stitch no 8 on my Janome) as the fabric was very slippery. I have to say that I’m quite chuffed with it now.

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