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Fancy learning how to make a zipper pouch? Not just any zipper pouch but one with adorable patchwork pleats?! Well, this is definitely the project for you. And once you make one, we just know you will want to make more!

So, you want to learn how to make a zipper pouch. In this class, we will show you, step by step and in detail, how to cut your fabrics, apply your interfacing, create pleats, insert a zip with a lining and how to get a really neat finish. They’ll be no more fear of zips once you’ve made one of these! 

Even if you already know how to make a zipper pouch, this is a still a great class to take if you want a quick and fun project, or you need to make something as a gift.  

The pleats really do make this pouch something special, and you won’t believe how little fabric you need to make it.  

The pouch is a large size  (12” wide and 9” high) so will be good for all sorts of uses.  Maybe yours will be a make-up bag, or a weekend toiletries bag or even used to store some of your craft supplies. 

Once you see how simple it is to make, you’ll be making them for everyone!.  

Although this class is free, you still need to go through the checkout process to access the lessons. Doing this will create a student account for you, but no payment is required.

To follow along with the lessons in this class you will need the following tools and materials:

★ Your downloadable cutting layout

★ A sewing machine

★ A standard zipper foot

★ Scissors

★ Pins

★ A 1/4m of fusible fleece

★ A 1/2m of plain cotton (or a 1/4m in two different colours)

★ A 1/4m of printed cotton (or an assortment of scrap fabrics)

★ A 10" closed end zipper

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