Welcome: Intro To Cushions


Welcome to your Stitch Sisters Class: Intro To Cushions!

Coming up next we’ll show you how to calculate the fabrics you need to cut to make a cover for any cushion.

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Am I right in thinking that I shouldn’t prewash my fabric for cushions? It’s upholstery fabric but doesn’t have any washing instructions? Thanks!

Rachel (Administrator) 10th February 2019 at 10:57 am

Hi Elly, upholstery fabrics are prone to shrinking so we prefer not to pre-wash the fabric and then to handwash the cushions later when they need a clean. You might get away with a cool or delicate cycle in the machine, but you could keep your scrap fabric and give that a go in the machine to test it out before putting the cushion covers in. Hope that helps!

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