How To Calculate Fabrics

How To Calculate Your Fabrics

In this lesson we’ll show you how to calculate the fabrics you need to cut to make a cover for any cushion.

Coming up in the next lesson we show you how to make a basic envelope back cushion cover.

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Did you cut your cushion front as an 18″ square or 18″ plus seam allowances?

Nikki (Administrator) 24th May 2019 at 5:40 pm

We cut it to 18″. This means the cover is slightly smaller than the cushion pad to the pad it fuller inside the cushion pad. Hope that helps.

I really enjoyed watching all the lessons first. Good clear explanations. I have made my first envelope cushion I found a pad at home 10 “ but my finished cushion ( only a practice) has ended up 8” and the pad wont squeeze in.

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