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Knowing how to sew cushions is a valuable skill. Every home needs cushions, and very soon you’ll be making your own! In this course we show you three different styles.

In this course we show you how to sew cushions. Don’t worry, this is a gentle introduction to cushion making and is suitable for anyone new to sewing or just new to sewing homewares!

First, we’ll show you how to measure and make a simple envelope back cushion – a fantastic first step for any new sewist! We know that zips can be frightening for the some people so we take you through our really simple way to create a lapped zip. Then finally, we’ll show you how to make and add piping to your edges for a really professional looking finish.  

Once you have mastered all three skills, you can mix and match to create your own design of cushions for your home.

Remember you can watch each section (and rewind it!) as many times as you like.

Click on any lesson marked “SAMPLE LESSON” to preview the study mode…

To follow along with the lessons in this class you will need the following tools and materials:

★ A sewing machine

★ A standard zipper foot

★ Scissors

★ Pins

★ A fabric marker or chalk

★ Half a metre of fabric per cushion

★ Two 14-16" closed end zippers

★ A 2m length of piping cord

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