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Ever wondered how to sew curtains but thought it was too hard? Well it’s not nearly as tricky as you think! Why not give it a go and try your hand at some simple Pencil Pleat or Tab Top Curtains? We’ll hold your hand through every stage, from measuring your windows to hand-sewing your hems.

In this course, we will show you how to sew curtains! We will guide you through all the measuring, pattern-matching and sewing to make your own set of curtains. You can learn both Tab Top and Pencil Pleat varieties with and without a lining. 

One of the most important, and sometimes frightening, aspects of curtain-making is the measuring and pattern-matching. The worksheets included in this course will make the calculations easier and we will hold your hand through each section.

Click on any lesson marked “SAMPLE LESSON” to preview the study mode…

To follow along with the lessons in this class you will need the following tools and materials:

★ Your downloadable calculation worksheet

★ A tape measure, yardstick or metre ruler

★ A sewing machine

★ Scissors

★ Pins

★ Approx 1m of any fabric (and 1m of lining) for a miniature practice curtain or the actual amount of curtain/upholstery fabric you will calculate in the first few lessons.

★ Curtain header tape (for pencil pleat curtains)

★ A hand sewing needle (for handsewn hems)

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