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Guide to Dressmaking

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14 thoughts on “Guide To Dressmaking For Beginners”

  1. Hi Nikki and Rachel, I just did a preliminary run through of your dressmaking class and I want to thank you for such a comprehensive class for dressmaking. Wow! It’s a class I’ve been hoping for and, lo and behold, there it is! Can’t thank you enough.?. You nailed it!!

    I do have to mention that I didn’t receive “All About Gathering “…a repeat of “Contour Darts”, the previous module, appears in its place. Not being very technologically-savvy, um, I’m not sure what can be done about that, and I’m wondering if everyone else who bought this class has the same issue.

    I hope it’s an easy fix. Maybe you can just email the “gathering” segment to me. Thanks so much. Nancy Werthessen

    1. Hi Nancy, thank you for your lovely feedback. That is exactly why we made the class, so it has made our weekend to know it is just what you needed! Thank you for letting us know about the video mix-up, I have corrected that now so you should be able to go ahead and watch the correct one now. Thanks again x

      1. Rachel, Thanks so much for your quick response. I just watched the video and I’m glad I asked about it.
        I learned a few things I wouldn’t have wanted to miss. You and Nikki are the best ?xx

  2. Hi Rachel and Nikki, what can I say! this is the best beginner friendly class I have seen. I have been looking and looking for a long time now for a real beginner friendly class that has real information on how to use and develop the skills needed for sewing. Each module is precise and easy to understand with the modules being very clear and in lay man terms. Also the work book is a gem, as it is something to refer to for sewing exercises with needle types and fabric lists. Love love this course, cannot recommend enough to any new sewer searching- look no more, and also the great thing is The Stitch Sisters are just awesome on their YouTube channel too with lots of tips and great advice and sewing projects. Thanks Rachel & Nikki, you did it… my search has ended and my sewing is now finally beginning. Gina xx

  3. Hi, Rachel and Nikki and Happy New Year,

    Thank you so much for producing this guide. I really need to go back to basics (it’s been a long, long time since I made anything for myself). I’ve already done your cushions lesson and produced a couple of smashing cushions.
    I’ve just got one question at the moment: Where is the ’59 page guide to dressmaking’ ? I’d like to download and maybe print it , but I can’t find it. I know as soon as you tell me, its location will become obvious.
    Thank you, Jeannette

    1. I’ve found the downloads on my account page! No need to reply – I’ve gone away to hide my face and stop kicking myself!

      Thank you both xx

    1. Absolutely! As with all of our classes, the class is yours forever. You can revisit it and rewatch it as many times as you need to.
      Hope this helps

  4. Hi There – I have purchased lots of your courses and love them all – you have both certainly given me the bug for sewing! The dressmaking course and the pattern course were a godsend as those pesky patterns are so tricky to understand if you’ve never faced one before! I have so much more confidence now and have just finished my first New Look ‘easy’ dress. However, would it be possible in the future to do a ‘sew along’ course? No matter how much you think you have learnt about patterns and dressmaking the actual ‘doing’ is the key. The paper pattern instructions are so confusing to a beginner so to see someone actually physically going through the sewing with you step by step would be fab!

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Like how it is permanently in my library so able to look back on sewing tips especially zip section. I have another two courses to enjoy yet. Find your teaching style really easy to follow and understand.

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