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Do you want to know how to use coverstitch machines? They are one of the mysteries of the sewing world. Most of us have heard of them, but are never really sure if we need one or not. After all, it just hems….right? Wrong! A coverstitch machine can be used for so much more than getting a professional finish on your hems – although it does that exceptionally well! Whether you already own a coverstitch, or you are thinking of getting one, this course will tell you everything you need to know to get the most from this useful machine!

In this course, we cover every detail of how to use coverstitch machines. For those considering buying one, we start with an overview of the different types of coverstitch machine on the market and how to decide which one to buy. If you already own one, you can dive straight in with our in-depth look at the coverstitch anatomy and the accessories. We’ll talk you through every button, dial and lever so that you know where everything is and what it does.

We’ll hold your hand as we take you through threading, explaining how the coverstitch works as we go (don’t worry, it is much more simple than you might think!). We’ll show you how to do basic stitching with single, double and triple needles and show you how to stay accurate when “stitching blind”.

We’ll talk you through needle and looper tension, differential feeds, presser foot pressure and how to adjust your settings when sewing with different types of fabrics. We’ll even cover all the different types of threads you can use in your machine to create different effects.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, we’ll show you several different sewing scenarios where your coverstitch can give you some great results. Finally, we’ll show you a couple of optional attachments that you can get for your coverstitch to help with accurate hemming and attaching bias binding.

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You do not need to follow along with your own coverstitch machine in this class, however if you already own one and would like to follow along, these tools and materials will help:

★ Your coverstitch machine with accessories kit and manual (we are using the Janome 2000CPX but you can follow along with any machine)

★ A notebook and pen or pencil

★ Four threads (or cones) - we used 3 white threads for the needles and 1 black thread for the looper

★ Scrap fabrics for testing and practice

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