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Want to learn how to make shirts? Shirts are a staple in many of our wardrobes and we can show you how to sew your own with expert results! No matter if you are sewing for yourself or someone else; a man or woman; with a commercial or indie pattern – our shirtmaking course will help you sew with complete confidence!

In this course, we teach you how to make shirts as we cover every stage of the shirtmaking process. From choosing the right fabrics and buttons to achieving perfect collars and cuffs. Throughout the course, you can sew a shirt right along with us, whether you are using the same pattern or one completely different.

We walk you through all of the important preparation and our preferred order of construction before we start sewing. Then, we hold your hand through every stage of the construction, explaining each step in great detail with close up views.

We give you a choice of methods for sewing hems, sleeves, seams and yokes (including the famous ‘burrito’ method and our own ‘shoulder flip’ variation).

We cover all the different varieties you might come across – with 4 types of placket, 4 styles of collar, 3 different sleeve openings and 3 kinds of cuff.

So, no matter which shirt pattern you are sewing, we’ve got you covered! We’ll give you tips to perfect each tricky stage and get a professional finish every time.

Plus, take your shirtmaking to the next level with our extra bonus lessons on contrast fabrics, working with bias, changing your collar shapes and swapping sleeve patterns.

what you will learn in our shirtmaking class

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You do not need to follow along with your own shirt pattern in this class, however if you are planning to do so, you will need the following tools and materials:

★ Your preferred shirt pattern

★ Pre-cut shirt pattern pieces as detailed in your pattern instructions

★ Light, medium or firm interfacing as directed by your shirt pattern

★ Shirt buttons - size and quantity as suggested by your shirt pattern

★ Marking pen or chalk

★ Iron & press cloth

★ Sewing machine, matching thread & universal needle

★ Optional tools: clapper, point presser, sleeve roll, tailors ham, buttonhole gauge, fray stop, point turner

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