Last year our Christmas Gift Guide proved to be very popular, so this year we thought we’d partner up with our friends over a Minerva Crafts to bring you a whole range of goodies that you might want to give or receive as gifts this year. We have tried to cover a wide range of budgets and crafts, and we have found lots of useful tools and gadgets that can save you time in the sewing room!

In this post, we share our Luuurrrrrrrxury Gift ideas (Nikki insists we say it that way!). All of these items start at £60 (and go up to a whopping £250) so these are for the people you really love – or even better, really love you!

If you are looking for smaller gifts, make sure you check out the other two posts/videos where we cover Gifts Under £50 and Stocking Fillers! To see the items in more detail, scroll down to watch the YouTube video for this list.

Luxury Gift Ideas

Knit Pro Symfonie Rose Circular Needle Set

Merchant & Mills 8″ Teflon Shears

DMC Geometric Tapestry Kit

PureLite 3-in-1 Magnifying Craft Lamp

Silverdashery Button Necklace

Adjustoform SupaFit Dressmakers Dummy

Silverdashery Tape Measure Bangle

Merchant & Mills Leather Wrap Scissor Set

We hope that’s given you a few ideas! Here’s the YouTube video where we show and talk about each product in more detail:

Happy Shopping!

Rachel & Nikki xxx

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