6 Reasons Why YOU Should Learn To Sew!

Join the sewing revolution!

Some of us were lucky enough to learn to sew at a young age. This may have been at school or being taught by a parent or relative.  Nowadays, sewing isn’t taught quite so much in schools. So we have generations growing into adulthood without knowing one end of a needle from the other.  

We strongly believe that sewing can be beneficial in so many ways and we want to share our love of the craft with as many people as possible.

So, let’s talk about some of the benefits of learning to sew !

1. It’s Good For Your Wellbeing

Creating something useful and beautiful from scratch does wonders to your self-confidence. It also helps us manage our moods and boost wellbeing.  This doesn’t just apply to people who can already sew but also to learning a new craft or skill. Learning something new can be more beneficial than doing the same activity for more than 10 years. 


2. Express Your Individuality

With the knowledge of how to make your own clothes, you can create custom garments that suit YOUR body and style.  Sewing your own clothes means you don’t have to follow the current fashion trends. Instead, you can create your own look by choosing your own fabric and pattern combination. You can make clothes that can’t be found anywhere else and express your personality through what you wear.  

Plus, there is also nothing like that moment when you get to say…..

“Thanks, I made it!”

We love expressing ourselves through our makes.

3. Sewing Can Save You Money

If you have basic sewing skills you can easily and quickly do your own alterations and repairs instead of adding them to landfill or paying for repairs. Your clothes will fit better and they will last longer, too. 

Adding some knowledge of fabrics and construction will help you make quality, unique and better fitting items for your own wardrobe.

You can sew for the whole family and save money along the way.


4. Make Unique Handmade Gifts

Throughout the year we have many gifts to buy – whether it’s Easter, Birthdays or Christmas. Your new found sewing skill will come in handy on many an occasion, we promise!  Not only will you be getting the joy from sewing the gift, you can also make it unique for the recipient, making it even more special.

You will find lots of patterns and tutorials all over the internet for fantastic, fun things to make. We also have some great makes in our Online Classes, so make sure to check them out once you have learned the basics.

There are so many lovely things you can make for yourself and also as gifts.

5. Learning To Sew Can Reduce Your Environmental Impact

One of our favourite things about sewing is that you can use even the smallest of scraps. Think about using up your leftover fabrics on smaller projects; the less waste you have the better.

Nikki loves to convert all her scraps into hand sewn English Paper Piecing Quilts and machine sewn scrap quilts. Not only making something long-lasting and practical but using up every scrap of left-over fabric.

You can try to source your fabrics from green manufacturers or buy dead stock fabric that originally came from the High Street. Look for quality fabric that will mean your clothes last longer in your wardrobe and then less will end up in landfill.

Share leftover fabrics with friends and make sure you make the most out of your fabric.

One of Nikki’s favourite scrap quilt projects.

6. Connect With Others Who Love To Sew

Sewing can be social! You can connect with others who share your love of sewing both online and in person.  There are hundreds of clubs, societies and sew-along events around the country you can join in and make new friends. 

Why not see if some of your friends also want to sew, then you’ll have your own Stitch Sister to share your new hobby with!

The online sewing community is simply amazing! You will find thousands of home sewists sharing their makes and knowledge over on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.  They have a huge wealth of knowledge and they are wonderfully supportive of the others within the community. 

Find us on all the Socials. We would love to connect with you!

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Do You Think You Should Learn to Sew?

Sewing can be so creative and give you lots of ways to express yourself. It’s a great way to give yourself some much needed Me-Time too.

Whether it’s to make things for the home or make clothes for you and your family, we know that sewing can bring you joy!

We hope we have persuaded you that learning to sew is for you. 

So, What’s Stopping You? 

Our Learn To Sew Class is completely FREE and we will hold your hand and take you through each step. 

You will be sewing confidently before you know it!

You will be sewing with confidence before you know it!

See you soon!

Happy Sewing!

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