What the hell is a Shacket?

If you’ve been anywhere near the high street or a fashion magazine recently, you’ll probably already have seen a shacket or two – they are everywhere right now! But what the hell is a shacket? We think they are the perfect addition to your autumn wardrobe because it is so good for layering and really easy to wear!

A Shacket is simply a hybrid shirt and jacket. It has the shape and details of a standard button down shirt, but it’s made out of a heavier weight fabric more often seen in coats and jackets. These are some of our favourites:

Most often you’ll see a shacket in flannel, corduroy or denim but any heavy weight woven fabric will do the trick and the best thing about a handmade wardrobe is you get to dream up any combination you like!

Rachel is already on-board the Shacket Train, having made the Ottoline, Ilford and Zero Waste Workwear jacket this year – but we both have more planned so we have rounded up some of our favourite Shacket patterns to inspire you:

If you’ve never made a shirt or a shacket before, or you are nervous about getting the details right on a heavier fabric, our Companion To Shirtmaking class might be just what you need! The processes involved in making a shirt and a shacket are the same. We’ll hold your hand through every step and make sure you end up with a Shacket to be proud of.

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