Welcome to our brand new sewing blog

Welcome to The Stitch Sisters brand new sewing blog!

We hope you have found us as you share our love of all things sewing. Maybe you have been to one of our classes at Sodbury Sewing School or perhaps you have found us via our Youtube Channel. Either way, welcome! We are thrilled to have you and we are so excited to share our brand new blog with you.

So, what’s your story?

For those of you don’t already know our story, we’ll catch you up very quickly. We met 5 years ago when Rachel moved to live opposite Nikki in the tiny Cotswold village of Old Sodbury (just outside Bristol). We soon discovered that we both shared a love of sewing and a budding ‘sewmance’ began! It can be such a lonely hobby and we felt so lucky to have someone to share our passion with. It made us wonder how many other sewists were out there and whether anyone else wanted to learn how. So in 2014 we started the Sodbury Sewing School and in the last 4 years have infected hundreds of people with our love of fabric, needle and thread.

Who are The Stitch Sisters?

Through the school we have made lots of new friends and received such lovely feedback from our customers that it got us thinking – how can we connect with people outside of our local area? We had both started to watch some sewist YouTube channels and loved having an insight into other people’s sewing worlds, and then it occurred to us that we are in the very lucky position of living our dream – it is not just our hobby but our full time job! Our lives are filled with fabric shopping, designing, teaching, learning new techniques, trying new patterns – all day, everyday. Why not start our own YouTube channel and share that with the world? And so, The Stitch Sisters were born!!

If you’re on You Tube already, why do you need a blog?

Good question! Both the school and the channel have kept us very busy but we still have so many plans and ideas for the future. We love the wonderful comments we receive on our videos and we are both very active in the sewing community on social media, but there is still so much more we’d like to share with you. This blog will give us more opportunities to do that – allowing us to offer more in-depth tutorials and downloads for you to use wherever you are in the world.

What have you got planned for the blog?

We have so many exciting things planned for the future – reviews, tutorials, more detailed looks into our individual styles, interviews, wardrobe plans, and obviously lots of fun and silliness too! So make sure you join us here every week for a dose of sewing loveliness – doctors orders! And don’t forget to sign up for our emails so you never miss a thing!

Thanks for stopping by!

Rachel & Nikki xxx






7 thoughts on “Welcome to our brand new sewing blog”

    1. Congratulations on your new teaching endeavor. What a wonderful time to be alive when so many possibilities are available to women! …..And you dear gals are using your gray matter to reach for your dreams.
      Keep on keeping on.

        1. hi, i watched your video on youtube i am so happy that there is a online sewing class. I am 11and not used to sewing and I was about to take a sewing class but then the covad-19 hit. and not I can take it online!

  1. Ntsiki Ncomanzi

    You guys I love your webpage, your blog, your everything, it is fun, exciting, colourful, I cant wait to share my first make from your blog….

    Thank you, thank you

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