There’s no such thing as too many cushions!

We often tell our husbands that cushions are just like shoes… can never have too many! And there is nothing more satisfying than sprucing up your sofa with new ones made from your scraps! So why not join us and make your own cushions.

After stripping her home back to prepare for the whirlwind that is a new puppy, Rachel was ready to start adding back in some soft furnishings but didn’t want anything too precious in case Lola took them outside for a good shake in the dirt (it’s happened….several times!).

So, she rummaged through our scrap box of solid colours and came up with a colour block Tetris design. They took just a couple of hours to cut and sew, and now her sofa makes her smile again. They’re not puppy-proof, but if they do get ruined, another set will be just a couple of hours away!

If you fancy making your own cushions, you can learn the techniques Rachel used in two of our classes. Our Intro To Cushions teaches you how to make three different types of cushion. Rachel used a simple envelope back for these as it is super speedy, but you could try a lapped zip and even add a piped edge.

Our free Sew A Fabric Basket class will show you how to add the quilt lines, a technique known as Quilt-As-You-Go (QAYG for short), which can be done on wadding, batting, fleece or felt – so again very scrap friendly.

These new cushions compliment the ones Rachel made back at the very start of lockdown using a Mountain Quilt Block. Check them out below.

This quilt block is a little more advanced, but if you fancy giving quilting a try, you can start by learning all the basics on our fantastic Guide To Quilting.

Guide to Quilting Class

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