The Perfect Holiday Wardrobe

Let’s talk about the perfect holiday wardrobe?

In a few months, Nikki and I are both jetting off to the beautiful Greek island of Crete for a two week holiday. Lucky us! We are super excited as it is the first time both of our families are going on holiday together!

We’ve sorted the flights, the transfers and the accommodation. So now we can move onto the really important stuff – what to wear! 

How many people get to go away with their bestie? Someone who totally gets why you want to wear multiple outfits each day and stop at every beautiful spot for an ‘outfit pic’?! So we have very excitedly been discussing the perfect holiday wardrobe and all the clothes, shoes and accessories that we want to take with us. With one major problem! It’s not all going to fit in the cases!!!

That got us thinking.

What are the real essentials for the perfect holiday wardrobe? 

After much thought and discussion, we have come up with a list of what we consider to be the essentials for Summer 2019. And we thought you might like it if we shared it with you, so we can all create some awesome summer outfits! 

A Maxi Dress

You just can’t beat a ‘chuck on’ maxi dress when you’re on holiday. Worn on its own with sandals it is cool and sophisticated for daytime ‘wafting’ or effortless elegance for dinner in the evening.

Next Jumpsuit
A Jumpsuit

We are on the fence about whether we need a statement jumpsuit for wearing out at night, or a more casual option that we can throw on over a bikini. Maybe we need both. Either way, there are so many options to choose from that we are sure to find something we love.

Silk Fred Wrap Dress
A Wrap Dress

The ultimate in secret pyjamas, a wrap dress looks amazing on everyone and we have seen them in so many prints and colours this season. We love the idea of being able to tie them wherever feels comfortable at the time, depending on how hot it is or how much souvlaki we have eaten!

Boden Shirtdress
An Loose Shirt or Shirtdress

We are not expecting much of a chill in the evenings but, just in case, something with sleeves will be welcome. We also think a shirtdress might be the perfect outfit to travel in. Plus, it is so versatile to wear: buttoned-up or undone; on its own or over shorts.

Two Piece from Very
A Two Piece

Nothing is more versatile or space-saving than a matching set. Shirt and shorts, top and skirt, crop top and trousers – both in matching fabrics…. You can wear them together or separately to create completely different looks.

Accessorize Kimono
A Kimono or Kaftan

Worn over a bikini in the daytime, or over your evening outfit. Nothing says resort wear like a kimono. We think we may even need two!

Forever 21 Trousers
A Lightweight Trouser

Perfect for any situation, a lightweight trouser ticks so many boxes. Comfortable for travel, great for hiding from the mosquitos, ideal for when you are out exploring. Add in an elasticated waist, and we are in heaven!

La Boheme by Vanessa Pouzet
A Floral Skirt

Perfect for wearing with a swimsuit when you are in the mood for a more fancy lunch than the beach cafe. Or pair with a camisole top and sandals for another great evening look.

A Pair Of Linen or Denim Shorts

Shorts are a great summer staple but in linen or denim, they will go with everything. We would wear them with a tank top and flip flops in the day and a cami and wedges for a casual evening look. 

Simply Be Cami Top
A Tank Top or Cami

We’ll need at least two of these as they just go with everything! Essential to compliment almost all of the items we have already listed.

So, that’s the clothes sorted. What about swimwear?

A Simple Swimsuit

It is so tempting to take loads of bikinis on holiday, telling yourself that you can mix and match and always look amazing. But in reality, we always end up wearing the same 1 or 2. Especially if the packing space is limited, a classic one piece is the way to go. We think a plain black swimsuit never goes out of style and will always look fabulous.

A Fun Bikini

To balance the sensible swimsuit, we also need a bikini that is a bit extra. You know, the sort of thing you would only ever wear on holiday!! Frilly, ruffled, the brightest prints or maybe even some print clashing. Let’s go crazy!

And finally, the most tricky list of all AND the things that usually take up the most space in our suitcases – The Accessories!

A Go-With-Everything Sandal

Shoes take up the most space, so we need to choose wisely. This season we are loving a platform sole so they give a little bit of height but are still super comfy. We’ll be looking for some with thin straps so that they still look delicate enough for wearing in the evenings. 

A Wedge Espadrille

For the occasions when a little more glamour is required we think we also need a wedge, and this season we are loving all of the wedge espadrilles around. Something bright and colourful for sure!

A Straw Bag

There are so many straw bags around this season and we have our eye on several. But we think choosing a softer option might be the way to go. One that can squeeze lots of stuff in for the beach but then fold down to nothing when it needs to be stuffed into a case. 

An Evening Bag

You know that point on the holiday when you realise the bag you’ve been taking to the beach each day is now full of sand? That’s why we need an evening bag too. Something small enough to squeeze effortlessly into the case but still hold all the essentials.

The Perfect Shades

Finding the perfect shades that work with everything is not the easiest mission. But it is definitely worth trying so that you can just take one pair away with you. Lucky for us, we can also swap with each other if we fancy a change!

Brixton Hats Joanna in Honey
A Sun Hat

No one wants a burnt head or face, so a sun hat is essential. But they are also super stylish and make you feel like you are on the cover of a summer edition of Vogue. The trend this year might be leaning towards the bucket hat, but we think a classic straw hat never goes out of style. These days you can even find ones that keep their shape even after they’ve been squashed into your case.

A Scarf or Bandana

There are so many reasons to add one of these to your perfect holiday wardrobe! Tie it around your hair instead of a hat, or tie it around your hat for a pop of colour. If it’s a bigger one you can wear it as a short sarong or even over your shoulders when then sun goes down. 

A Statement Earring

This year statement earrings are huge, literally! So huge in fact that you don’t even need to wear other jewellery if you are wearing them. A quick and easy way to glam an outfit up for the evening, a holiday is just the excuse we need to scoop up a couple of pairs.

We hope that gives you some inspiration for your own holiday wardrobe. Of course, we’ll be sure to share the items we actually end up packing with you too!

Thanks for stopping by!

Rachel x

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  1. I am about to take a 6 week honeymoon. Canada Alaska UK and Singapore. The last years I have been to the UK with carry on only. Worn everything in my carry on and bought somethings back.
    I am taking carry on to Vancouver where I will search the thrift shops for the wardrobe for both myself and hubby for the 7 night cruise and 5 day train journey. Once we get to Calgary or Toronto I will donate the clothes to the thrift shop. Fly to the UK carry on only. Borrow a cardi if need be from mum, daughters. Fly onto Singapore and thinking of a suitcase full of silks to bring back to New Zealand. Who needs to wait for their luggage.

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