Styling Culottes for Autumn & Winter

In the UK at the moment, it is hard to imagine that this summer will ever end! (If you’ve not seen it yet, check out our previous post where we tell you all about styling culottes for Spring & Summer.) The only thing that is making us happy about that prospect of it getting colder, is the idea of taking all of these culottes we’ve made and pairing them with boots, jumpers and scarfs!!

Warmer Fabrics

As the weather changes, why not trying making up your favourite culotte patterns in some winter weight fabrics like these ones. Think of corduroy, wool, flannel or even heavy jerseys.

Winter Culottes
Everyday style

If you’re going casual with your culottes then try pairing them with a cropped sweater, roll neck or long sleeve t-shirt. Add a bomber or leather jacket and wear trainers, pumps or ankle boots to complete the look.  Socks/tights are optional depending on how cold it is – and how brave you are!

Casual Culotte Style
Time for your “Big Coat’!

Nikki says that in Scotland everyone has a ‘Big Coat’ for when the weather gets really cold. The proportions shouldn’t really work with culottes but, as you can see from these examples, they really do! A heavy longline coat and a chunky knit jumper seem to pair beautifully with a cropped trouser and long or short boots. Even with bare ankles, these ladies certainly don’t look like they’ll be feeling the cold!

Big Coats & Culottes
Layer Up

The best thing about culottes is that the same pair can be styled for all weathers. Your spring/summer tees can still be worn either with a cardigan on top or a long sleeve underneath. Add tights for warmth or wear a boot that is long enough to be covered by the culottes. If you still want to wear your more summery culottes try balancing them with contrasting textures by adding a hat or a nice big chunky scarf!

Layering With Culottes
Buy those Killer Boots!!

Our last suggestion (and probably the most important) is that having your feet on show all autumn and winter means you get to buy some killer boots. Why not treat yourself to a pair that you really want to show off? Your culottes will kindly display them to everyone you meet so you know you’ll be getting your money’s worth! (And feel free to blame us if it helps #sorrynotsorry #stitchsistersmademedoit.)



Buy the Killer Boots – maybe not these (unless you’re really into Godzilla!)….

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