Sewing Gift Ideas You Will Love This Christmas

Are you looking for the sewing gifts you will love this Christmas? We don’t know about you but we feel like we need a little treat after all that 2020 has thrown at us.

We have lots of ideas for sewing gifts for Christmas! Everything from Stockin fillers to gift cards.

Stitch Sisters Gift Cards

Did you know that we have a Gift Card scheme on our website? We have recently updated it, so now you have lots more options available on what you can do.

You can now choose one of our templates to attach to your message, making sending your sewing gifts a lot more personal. We have lots to choose from, for all different types of occasions. This can then either be emailed or can be downloaded as a pdf, so you can print it and give it personally.

Another feature is the ability to gift a specific class! So, if your best friend is getting her first overlocker, you can gift her our Guide to Overlockers class to get her started! Now, that’s the perfect sewing gifts!

In addition you can pre-order a gift card and send it on any day you wish. So you can feel very organised and sort out all your gifts very early. If you ever forget, don’t worry, the gift cards can also be sent immediately, so if you’ve forgotten we can still help you out!

Christmas Gift Guides Playlist

Over the past couple of years, we have produced lots of Gift Lists videos for Sewists. Unfortunately, we have not been able to do it this year. So we thought, why not revisit the old lists? Our Christmas Gift Guide Playlist may just give you some good ideas for Christmas! We have checked all of the links and found alternatives to those currently unavailable.

Christmas Gift Guide

We hope that you enjoy our sewing gift ideas! We are looking forward to Christmas and hope you are too.

Happy Sewing!

Nikki & Rachel

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