6 Ways To Get Your Sewing Bee Fix

6 Ways To Get Your Sewing Bee Fix

How awesome is it to have the Great British Sewing Bee back on our screens? We love it! But there is one very big problem…….

We are so used to binge-watching everything we watch these days that waiting A WHOLE WEEK for the next episode is killing us! So, to keep us all topped up whilst we wait it out, we have rounded up all the best places to get your Sewing Bee fix in between episodes.

These sites will keep you chatting, sharing and learning new things about this season of the Bee – and maybe even sewing too!


1. BBC Website

It looks like the Beeb have been missing the Bee too as they have gone all out this time to share lots of extra information about the show. This is the place to go if you want to find out more about our new host, Joe Lycett, and the fabulous judges, Esme Young and Patrick Grant (swoon).


Plus they have clips from each episode, a gallery of the makes and a detailed profile on each contestant so you can go and read up about your favourite sewist!

2. The Foldline

As always, Kate and Rachel have got everything covered. Their Facebook page hosts sewing bee chat that starts after each show and often continues through to the next week.

They have searched their pattern database to find matches for all the patterns used on the show. They’ll be releasing a YouTube video each week with a full roundup. So if you see something you want to create, you’ll know exactly which pattern you need.

And if the Bee has inspired you to take up sewing as a new hobby, they have a whole host of resources to help you figure out where to start.

3. William Gee

William Gee is a family run haberdashery who has taken a more practical approach to their coverage of the Bee. They’ve got you covered for all the tools you might see being used on the show. Their blog has articles about the Tools Of The Trade, Pattern Hacking, Interfacing and Fastenings.


4. Sewisfaction

If watching and talking about it is getting you itching to sew, then you should get involved with Sheona’s Sewing Bee Sew-Along!


Each week there’ll be a challenge inspired by the show and there are a whole host of prizes on offer from different sponsors. The Week One challenge is Cotton with an emphasis on keeping it simple and showcasing your skills.

Sheona has also prepared a list of fabrics and pattern suggestions to help inspire your makes!

5. Love Sewing Magazine

Love Sewing Mag Online has got the inside scoop and managed to bag a fantastic interview with the first contestant to leave, Tom.


Learn all about his experience on the show, why he started to sew and who his sewing mentor is. We are sure they’ll have lots more exclusives to come so we’ll be checking in regularly!

6. GBSB Facebook Page

We love the unique take on the TV programme that you can get by following the GBSB Facebook page. They have lots of exclusive interview snippets, pictures from the judge’s pasts, hilarious memes and obviously lots of chat! It will have you giggling until the next episode!


So, there you go! 6 great resources that will keep you going each week. And if, after all that, you are still craving more – then you are even bigger addicts tha we are!!

If you know of any other Sewing Bee resources that we have missed, please comment or link below!

Thanks for stopping by!

Rachel & Nikki xxx

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