Sew Yourself Sustainable!

Want to sew yourself sustainable, but now sure how?! Nowadays, we are all becoming more conscious of our overuse of single-use items. We don’t want to be filling up our bins with paper and plastic if we can help it. You can do your bit for the environment by using your sewing skills to make reusable items for your home. Not only saving yourself money but saving a little bit of the environment along the way.

To inspire you we have put together a list of some of the best reusable items you can sew. So why not put your sewing skills to great use, for yourself and the planet!

Reusable Non-Paper Towels

Paper towels are an everyday essential in every kitchen. To save on waste you can make a fabric alternative with Flannel and Terry Cloth. We love the idea of using Kam Snaps to secure them together. Simply pop them together and add them to your usual towel dispenser. Just grab them as you need them and toss them in the wash.

We just love this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess, where she shows you how to make some for your home.

A Beautiful Mess reusable paper towels
A Beautiful Mess has a great tutorial for fabric paper towels.

Market Tote

The simple Tote Bag can be a very quick and easy project to sew. It’s perfect for even the beginner sewer. They are also essential in modern life, as we try and cut down the amount of plastic bags we use. Make your own lightweight, foldable market tote that fits in your handbag or glove compartment.

We love the simplicity of The Spring Market Tote from Girl. Inspired

The SpringMmarket Tote from Girl. Inspired
We love the idea of making lots of these for the weekly shop.

Fabric Gift Bags

Christmas time can be wonderful but it can also be very wasteful. Just think of all that wrapping paper going straight into the bin! This year we resolved to change things before next Christmas and make ourselves some Fabric Gift Bags. Not only are they practical and reuseable but it will save you so much time on the wrapping!

This tutorial from Positively Splendid will get you started on Drawstring Gift Bags. You will be making loads in no time!

Positively Splendid Drawstring Gift Bags
How cute are these gift bags from Positively Splendid?

Makeup Removal Pads

These are probably our favorite eco-friendly sewing items. We love the idea of making a soft side plus a more exfoliating side. Make the soft side out of soft jersey, terry-toweling or flannel, and the exfoliating side out of course cotton, muslin or linen. We also advise making dark ones for removing your mascara. Simple use them and pop them in the wash (use a mesh bag to stop losing them in the washing machine!)

Check out Kakaru Designs for a great tutorial to make your own.

Kakaru Designs makeup removal pads
Another great scrap busting idea.

Dishwashing Sponges

We love the idea of these fun little scrap busters! Use cotton for one side and rougher fabrics for the other, giving you both options when doing the washing up. These can simply be popped in the washing machine and cleaned to use repeatedly.

We love this tutorial from Happiest Camper for eco-friendly dishwashing sponges.

Happiest Camper reusable kitchen sponge
Check out this tutorial for reusable kitchen sponges.

Sanitary Pads

Nowadays we can easily buy reusable sanitary pads but there is no reason why you couldn’t make your own. Fabric choice is clearly an important factor with these and its wise to think about softness and absorbency for a comfortable end product. You can find lots of templates to make different shape towels on the internet, so take some time to find the right one for you. Alternatively, you can draw your own template from your favorite shop-bought pad.

Check out this great tutorial from A Rose Tinted World. It has a great explanation of fabrics and everything you need for making your own sanitary pads.

A Rose Tinted World reusable sanitary pads
This is a very informative post from A Rose Tinted World.

Washable Sandwich Bags

These are fantastic for packed lunches! We love the fact that you can make different sized pouches and bags for all kinds of snacks. Making sure they are washable will give them a long life. These ones from MomFoodie are great and there is a full tutorial on how to sew them.

Mom Foodie DYIY Snack Bags

Fabric Bowl Covers

Another place to swap washable fabric for single-use plastic or foil is with these simple bowl covers. Simply use your sewing skills to stitch elastic around water-resistant fabric for covers for your serving dishes. Measure your own dishes to make sure you have all the right sizes. The Crafty Gemini has a video tutorial on how she makes her’s, so check it out here.

The Crafty Gemini fabric bowl covers

Zipper Pouches & Fabric Baskets

We have two great classes for you with reusable fabric storage solutions you can make for the home. Our zipper pouch class is great for makeup bags, pencil cases, and all sorts. Any kind of small storage you need to carry with you!

Our Fabric Baskets can be used around your craft room and around the home. We have used them for makeup, stationery, fabric scraps, toiletries, and toys.

Check them out over on our website.

The Stitch Sisters pleated zipper pouch

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    1. So many good ideas. I’ve used an old net curtain I found cleaning out my linen closet to make reusable drawstring bags for fruit and veg.

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