Review Of 2020 – What A Year It’s Been!

Im sure you agree, it’s been some year! We wanted to round off this year with a review of 2020, just to check in with you all and stay connected.

As we approach Christmas and head into winter in the UK, we are all very aware that this has been a very surreal year. 2020 has thrown everything it can at us and it has affected all of us in a multitude of different ways.

We wanted to reach out with a personal blog so that you know how things are with us, for both us as The Stitch Sisters and also personally. We hope that everything is ok with you all, and we would love to hear how things are for you too!

The Stitch Sisters in 2020

As a business, we have been affected by Covid just as everyone has. During the first lockdown, we reduced our prices to help support the sewing community. This was very warmly received by you all and we are grateful for all your support! There was definitely a surge in new people taking up sewing for the very first time this year. People were starting lots of new hobbies and sewing machines are still very hard to buy.

For us, the biggest impact has been how much time we could spend together. This is both as a business and personally. Before all of this happened we genuinely spent almost every day together. Now, we try to speak or see each other on zoom at least once a day, but it’s just not the same. We know that we are not alone! So many of us know what this feels like. Looking back and writing this review of 2020, makes us realise how much we truly miss each other.

Filming in 2020

Filming for new online classes and Youtube has been very difficult. We have produced as much as we could between restrictions and lockdowns. We were really happy that we managed to release our Guide to Quilting class at the end of the summer. Unfortunately, a lot of our other plans had to go on hold. On Youtube, some of our regular videos like our Autumn Fashion videos and Vlogmas have had to change.

Guide to Quilting Online Class – Review of 2020


Talking of vlogmas, we decided that this year it just wasn’t safe or feasible for us to do this. We are still in a fairly strict tier system in the UK and our area currently has some high Covid19 numbers. Once again we are in the highest tier and normal life is very restricted. Plus most of the events and locations we would have gone to are now closed. There are no Christmas parties or Festive markets this year! We are really sorry to let you down, and we know how much you look forward to it. We have followed the advice from the Government and we hope that you all understand. Of course, you can dip into the previous year’s videos to get your Vlogmas fix!

Luckily, we did manage to do some filming for Youtube recently. We just launched our 5 free Christmas Decorations tutorials and we hope that they will bring you some Christmas joy. These are all really simple makes and you should have most of the supplies to hand.

We also have some amazing free gift tutorials coming just in time for Christmas too! So keep your eyes peeled for those too!

On the personal side

For both of us personally, we have struggled on and off with our sew-jo. We started off looking at lockdown as a perfect excuse to get loads of sewing done, but it just didn’t happen. Initially, we both did a lot of home-related things, decorating, tidying up and all of those long put off jobs. It felt like we were both taking comfort from nesting, family, and life at home. We have both dipped in and out of sewing but mainly our sew-jo has been nowhere to be seen!


Rachel has picked up her crochet hook and has been enjoying that. So far she has made an amazing rainbow jumper and a gorgeous cardigan. In a personal review of 2020, we haven’t done as many of the sewing projects we had imagined we would this year. We know that it’s ok and our sew-jo will eventually return. Sometimes life is about balance, readjusting your priorities, and enjoying the things you have.

Rachel’s rainbow jumper of dreams


I have been finishing off long-abandoned projects whenever I fancied sewing. If I am honest, this is mainly because I really wanted to spend time in my new sewing room but didn’t know what to sew! So far I have finished at least 3 quilt tops and started and finished a giant new quilt. There is a lot of comfort in the repetitiveness of quilting, cutting, trimming, and sewing straight lines, all while binge watching Netflix of course!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out my sewing room tour on Youtube, then you will know why I want to do down there as much as possible.

Another quilt in progress in Nikki’s sewing room

After writing this review of 2020 it makes us realise even more what a very strange year it has been. It has made us grateful for so many things, for our families, for our friendship, our online business, and our health. We are also incredibly grateful for your support since we started our business, we appreciate every class sale, every like & comment on Youtube and all the love and encouragement you give us.

What about 2021?

As we head into 2021 we are starting to make some tentative plans again. We really feel the need to look forward, with some hope that a return to normality will be here soon. While we are still unsure of the months ahead, we are starting to think about being able to get together again safely.


So after taking a look back and a review of 2020, what do we have in store for 2021?

We have an exciting list of new online classes we want to bring you in 2021. As soon as we are able to, we will get to work on them. we promise! We also have some more free tutorials and some of our own design makes we want to bring you on Youtube.

We hope that you are all ok, wherever you are in the world.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Nikki & Rachel

27 thoughts on “Review Of 2020 – What A Year It’s Been!”

  1. Thank u both for helping me to keep sane during these difficult times! I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes I purchased and have developed so many new skills??
    Hope u both have a wonderful Xmas and look forward with excitement to new courses next year

    Take care and stay safe


  2. Have missed you on you tube. Your positive vibes spur me on.
    Just tried to make my first ever coco dress in ponte Roma. Never used stretch fabric before. It was a total fail and I have unpicked it determined to get it right next time. Everywhere I looked I found that if you have no overlocker just use a zigzag stitch. This I did but the result was very loose stitching. Went back to my machine instructions and discovered it has a stretch stitch. Will be using that .
    At the start I damaged my machine before finding there was a thing called a walking foot and a special stretch needle. I live in France which complicates things. I managed to find someone to repair my machine and resorted to my old basic one for the seven weeks I was without it.
    Not giving up but I do need some help

    1. Just keep going Alyson, don’t give up! As sewers we all have stories like yours, mistakes we made early on that we look back on now and think ‘why did I do that?’. There is a lot to learn in sewing but there is also a lot of fun to be had.
      If you use Facebook you might want to look at joining our Stitch Sisters Community. It’s page for people like you from all around the world. They are a fun and welcoming group and always happy to answer questions.
      Make sure you check out our online classes too, they will help you gain skills and experience while having some fun with us xxx

  3. I love the two of you as you both inspire me and have helped me create some very nice pieces. My husband even commented at how much I have learned since I started sewing clothes this year, having only created quilts and never did knits before!
    I bought a cover stitch machine and have told everyone who struggles with it to buy you class. Working through the server one now and wish I had gone through that months ago. Merry Christmas to you both. You are a light !!!

  4. Great blog ladies. I did a couple of your free quilt as you go classes in the summer – the basket and the purse. Loved both courses, so thanks for that. I also took inspiration from Nikki’s new sewing room – specifically her Ikea hack sewing table and now have a similar one myself. I just love it. Will miss your Vlogmass this year, but just glad to hear you both and your families are safe and well. Looking forward to getting back to normal in the new year. Hope you both have a lovely Christmas, Agnes xx

    1. Thank you lovely Agnes,
      We will definitely miss vlogmas this year too, it’s on a long list of things that just haven’t been able to happen!
      Hope you are well and safe in Scotland.
      Merry Christmas & Happy Hogmanay
      lots & lots of love
      Nikki & Rachel

  5. Dear Nikki and Rachel,
    Love the blog. You two are so beautiful. Not just your looks, either, but your personalities and your spirit too. Your smiles and laughter are an encouragement in itself. There is comfort to a degree in knowing we have faced 2020 together. We have all been affected and yet we continue to carry on and support and encourage each other. We must endeavor to make 2021 better personally and pray for the world as a whole. Christmas will be quite different for most of us. My prayer is that we will all remember what the true gift of Christmas is about. Don’t mean to be preachy. It is how I feel.
    So, I really enjoyed your videos of the Christmas makes.The Christmas trees and placemates are great. Nikki, you have been rather an inspiration to my EPP. I have been a quilter for many years and have always loved hand sewing. I gave it a go to try EPP and I am hooked!! Thank you. Rachel, your rainbow jumper, AKA sweater, here in America, smile, is beautiful! Wish we all could have one. That would surely brighten up faces.
    I could really rattle on, but I will spare you. Going to have another coffee and pick up my stitching. Take good care of yourselves and families. Thank you for the update. Looking forward to more from The Stitch Sisters whenever you are able.
    Have a Happy, Merry Christmas,
    Much love,

    1. Oh Sherrie, thank you so much for your kind words. They really have brought a smile to our faces today.
      We wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year too.
      Take care
      With much love
      Nikki & Rachel

  6. Hi Nikki and Rachel,
    Your You Tube posts and classes have been so inspiring to a (not brilliant) sexist like me ! The one about the dress from a duvet cover I sent on to a friend who managed to make a great dress and spending very little. I’ve signed up for several of your online classes in the hope of improving my skills. I have found a bit of sew-jo by alternating different activities including a YouTube video on Shashiko embroidery, an Understanding Autism course as well as your classes on full bust adjustments (always tricky for me), and more recently the shirt and sleeve ones. Btw maybe the Karri sewing pattern from Megan Nielsen is a way of combining Nikki’s quilting with dressmaking. Thanks for keeping us all going.
    Merry Christmas
    Dawn (bumped into Nikki in the supermarket once-I was the embarrassing fan girl in the mask !)

    1. Thank you for your lovely message Dawn. I remember our meeting in the supermarket fondly, I was so surprised you recognised me with no make up and a face mask on!
      Merry Christmas to you and your familty

  7. As a lapsed dressmaker who had forgotten so much and whose skills were rather rusty, and as a newbie to quilting, rotary cutters and my overlocker, I am so pleased to have found your website and courses. I have just finished a pair of trousers using scuba fabric (also a first for me) and have had the confidence to sew seams direct on the overlocker! Have lost count of the number of fabric baskets I have made for Christmas presents – I just love the process. Looking forward to having a play with sleeves on the next course and tackling the zippered pouch bag. Thank you girls – you have a great teaching style and ability to pass on your enthusiasm for whatever task is to hand.

    1. You are very welcome Dianne. We are so glad that you have enjoyed our classes and videos this year and that it has spurred you on with your sewing skills.
      Wishin you and your family a Merry Christmas.
      Nikki & Rachel

  8. Well there you are, looking as adorable and festive as you always are! Merry Christmas (Happy Christmas) to the pair of you. This year Larry and I will be celebrating his life and amazing healing. I lived for your Vlogmas videos last year but also understand that you’re doing the best that you can under the circumstances. We are too. Oregon has been very locked down and the fires throughout our state were frightening. On the other hand we became closer to our friends and neighbors and many, many blessings were enjoyed. Thank you for being there for me and Larry when we needed your English cheer and support to keep us going. Much Love from Loriann and Larry!

  9. Thank you for all your encouragement and help, I loved the fabric type videosvery helpful, I have bought 3 of your online classes, haves done them yet but will be soon, very much looking forward to what you all your ideas for 2021. Have a very happy, safe Christmas. Susan

  10. In the terribly difficult last weeks of my life, I was recently inspired to make a set of two Christmas patchwork placemats thanks to you two! It was wonderful to have a quick and easy project, and like Nikki said, it was comforting in its simplicity. It gave me something happy to focus on, and they make me smile every time I see them sitting at the table. I definitely plan on researching last year’s vlogmas! You two are the best! Take care, and merry Christmas early! -Tammy from Utah

    1. Thank you dear Tammy,
      We appreciate all of your support and so pleased that you have enjoyed our little Christmas decoration tutorials.
      Have a wonderful Christmas.
      All our love
      Nikki & Rachel
      p.s don’t tell anyone but we have another 5 free tutorials for gifts coming before the end of the year!

  11. I have learnt to sew this year due to your videos and classes. This has really helped me through the lockdowns. I have had so much pleasure from learning to make my own clothes and am now busy sewing pyjama bottoms for Christmas presents.Thank you for making such easy to follow videos, and making sewing so much fun.
    By the way I also crochet and I love the rainbow jumper Rachael has made. Do you have a pattern you would be willing to share for that Rachael?
    Happy Christmas to you both and look forward to a better new year for us all. ?

  12. Dear Nikki and Rachel,
    Thank you for the honest and personal blog, you said all what could be said for this year.
    Your sewing youtube videos have been keeping my sew-jo alive during lockdown and I wish that your sew-jo will be back home soon 🙂
    I wish that by summer youtube will be flooded by your “back to normal / sewing glamorous dresses vlogs.
    Have a safe holiday.

  13. Sweet Nikki and Rachel you have been so inspirational tome when I first watched you guys on your you tube channel. So much joy happiness the clothes, quilting and online classes done is fantastic.
    I loved when you video your sewing rooms what joy that was. Now Nikki has her own new sewing room which is amazing.
    Continue your work yes I and many others will miss your vlogmas but I can always watch previous ones you have done.
    The main thing is that you guys are safe and happy.
    Take good care of each other see you ladies soon on your you tube channel.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    love Sarahjane x

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