Quilters Tools You Will Love

We all love a little splurge in the haberdashery every now and again, don’t we! Today we are bringing you all of the Quilters tools you will love for your sewing room. Whether you are new to quilting or have been cutting and slashing for a while, we guarantee there will be something on this list you will need.

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Self-Healing Cutting Mat

Every quilter needs a self-healing cutting mat but they are also becoming very popular with dressmakers too. We love a A1 size cutting mat but you need to have space for it. We would advise that you buy the biggest size you can allocate a space to in your sewing area. Your mat should be kept flat at all times and should be kept away from direct sunlight (as this can dry it out)


As a tip, about once a year I give my mats a cold bath! This refreshes the moisture in them and gives you a chance to get rid of any fluff and fibres clinging to it. Allow them to dry naturally flat on the floor. Once it is dry, scrape your ruler over the mat or try using an eraser to shift all of those fibres!


We also love a rotating mat and this can be very handy for trimming small blocks, but it also handy to sit beside your machine while you sew.

Rotary Cutter

To go along with your beautiful new cutting mat you will need a rotary cutter. Now there are quite a few different styles and sizes of rotary cutter so its worth having a look for the one that will suit you the best.

We particularly like using a simple handle one but this really is just a matter of individual preference. The blades are also different sizes and we tend to use a 45mm one.


The great thing about a rotary cutter is that the handle will last you for years, all you need to do is occasionally change the blade (which will cost you less than £5) It’s really important to find a rotary cutter that suits you and your hand, find one that’s comfortable and doesn’t feel too big.

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Quilters Ruler

In the search for Quilters tools you will love we guarantee that you will fall in love with rulers! Not only will a ruler ensure accurate measuring but it will make sure you are cutting safely. They will again last you for a long time so it really is an investment. They come in so many different sizes and shapes it’s difficult to know where to start!

To start, we would buy a 6.5″ x 12″ ruler. This is definitely our ‘go to’ size and can be used in so many ways. After that you might like a larger one (6.5″ x 26″) or a small one (4.5″ square). This will all depend on what type of quilting is your preference. We usually buy a ruler for a specific project or block and slowly add to our collection.


There are so many available, from kites to triangles, pentagons to Dresden, but you really don’t need them all. Just buy what you need at the time or one for a new pattern that you want to try.

Spray Starch

Spray start is a quilters best friend. It really can make a difference to your finished blocks and make all that cutting and pressing worth while. There are many different types available but we commonly use the ones found for clothes at the supermarket.


Spray Fabric Adhesive

When we talk about Quilters tools you will love, we just know you will adore spray adhesive! It’s great for all kinds of projects but we particularly love using it on small projects (especially as a beginner!) If you are starting out with smaller quilts then you may want to consider using a spray adhesive to help keep your quilt layers together.


It saves all that pinning and can help you reduce the number of pinches when quilting. Make sure the spray you use is designed for fabrics and is repositionable. These amazing sprays won’t gunk up your needle so they are safe to use with a sewing machine.


We all love pins! They come in so many shapes and sizes and these days you can buy so many different designs. For patchwork we love flower head pins. They are long, flexible, and have a flat flower head for easy removal. You can of course use any pins but we really do find that these beauties make all the difference when it comes to patchwork and quilting.


Another type of pin that can be useful are quilters safety pins. These are used to secure all of your layers together when getting ready for quilting, if you don’t use adhesive spray. These are just like safety pins but have a curved top and bottom, making them easy to dip down and back up through all those layers.


Binding Clips

These little beauties are a great addition to any sewers tools! We have found that some of our sewers love them so much that they stop using pins altogether. They are great for holding on your binding while you sew and can be really good on tricky fabrics.


Top Tip – We have also used them when sewing pleather and oilcloth as you can’t use pins with the fabrics.

Tabletop Ironing Board

A tabletop ironing board can make a huge difference to your sewing and quilting. It’s not the most glamorous Quilters tools you will love but it is super practical! Having one of these set up next to you can save you lots of time and leg work. Sew, press, and sew again without getting off your chair! If you team these with a mini cutting board you can have a little production line going in no time!


These are so easy to set up and pack away and are especially useful if you don’t have your own set sewing space. Just get it out when you need it.

Bias Binder Maker

If you just love the idea of making your own bias binding to finish off your quilts then you will need one of these kits. These simple little turning machines help you turn a bias cut strip of fabric into folded bias binding. Just run your bias cut strip inside and it will turn in the raw edges, ready for pressing. What could be easier!


We show you in our Guide to Quilting class how to make your own bias binding, we promise it’s really a lot of fun!

Fat Quarter Bundle

So, once you have all the tools what else will you need? Well, lots of gorgeous, strokable fabric of course! The easiest way to start is with a fat quarter bundle. You can make so many beautiful blocks from this little bundle of pre-matched fabric, there really won’t be anything holding you back.


The beautiful thing about a fat quarter bundle is that all of the fabrics have been pre-matched for you. There is no need to worry about what goes with what, it has all been made easy for you. Each fat quarter measures roughly 22″ x 18″ but some come up a little smaller depending on the fabric.

Our Guide to Quilting online class

Once you’ve got all the Quilters tools you will love, what’s next? Our brand new Guide to Quilting class may be just what you’re looking for! If you are new to quilting there can be lots to learn and we are here to make sure it’s fun at every step!

Get ready to fall in love with a new form of sewing as you make a quilt that celebrates your uniqueness, quirkiness, and creativity!

Happy sewing!

Nikki & Rachel

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  1. Welcome to the world of Quilting Nikki! It’s fun to have options in our sewing, isn’t it… Well written article. Fun to “hear” from you again. Loriann Payne

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