Top 5 Easy & Fun Christmas Decorations you will love

We don’t know about you, but we definitely need a bit of joy in our lives at the moment. So we decided to launch our Our Top 5 Easy & Fun Christmas Decoration DIY’s early for you all! We really hope that these Christmas tutorials will bring some joyful sewing and help you decorate your homes in time for Christmas.

Our quick & easy tutorials take you through every step and we even provide all the template you need to sew along with us, all completely free. You can call it an early Christmas present from The Stitch Sisters!

Christmas Patchwork Placemats

If you are looking to spruce up your Christmas table then we have a fantastic solution! All you need is some felt and some fabric strips. We show you, step by step, how to turn these simple supplies into these lovely placemats.

Christmas Patchwork Placemats – Our Top 5 Easy & Fun Christmas Decoration DIY’s

Christmas Present Cushion

A few festive cushions can help to add some fun to your festive decorations. These are super quick and simple to make and would be a great gift for friends and family too.

Christmas Present Cushion – Our Top 5 Easy & Fun Christmas Decoration DIY’s

Christmas Tree Bunting

These super cute little trees are made with felt, fabric, stuffing and a cinnamon stick for the trunk! You can make one to hang on your tree or make lots to string together and make some festive bunting. These would also be cute little extra gifts to add into Christmas presents for friends and family.

Christmas Tree Bunting – Our Top 5 Easy & Fun Christmas Decoration DIY’s

Christmas Pudding Doorstop

These are simply irresistible! Turn a few pieces of felt into a fun and decorative doorstop, or simply stuff it and use it as a Christmas decoration in your home.

Christmas Pudding Doorstop – Our Top 5 Easy & Fun Christmas Decoration DIY’s

Reindeer Tree Decoration

This little cutie involves just some handsewing, so if you don’t yet have a sewing machine you can still make something sweet for Christmas. We supply you with a free template for this Christmas tutorial and show you step by step how to make him. Isnt he adorable!

Reindeer Decoration – Our Top 5 Easy & Fun Christmas Decoration DIY’s

Information on each Christmas tutorial decoration can be found underneath each video, check the details for links to access the templates, but you can also get them here

We hope you have a lot of fun making these adorable Christmas decorations, please send us pictures if you are some or tag us on social medial. We would love to see them!

Happy Sewing!

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