Our Sewing Plans 2022

In this video we tell you (at length!) all about our sewing plans for 2022! We talk you through all the trousers,, coats & jackets and shirts & blouses we hope to make in 2022. Join us and find out what we will be sewing in 2022. We will be sewing coats, sewing jackets, sewing trousers and sewing shirts! Its going to be a busy year.

Below are the links to all the patterns we mention in this video –


BHL – Jackie Trousers

The Assembly Line – High Waisted Trousers

Fibre Mood – Peaches Trousers

Simplicity – S9235

Style Arc – Barry Pants

Untitled Thoughts – Chandler Pants

Coats & Jackets

Trend Patterns – TPC28

Avid Seamstress – The Coat

Nina Lee – Richmond Blazer

Viki Sews – Riana Blazer

Fibre Mood – Avril Jacket

Style Arc – Logan Shacket

Viki Sews – Martina Coat

Shirts & Blouses

Style Arc – Logan Shacket

Style Arc – Lauren Boyfriend

PH7 Patterns – Bromo Shirt

Friday Pattern Company – Patina Blouse

Anna Allen Patterns – Anthea Blouse

Gym Wear

Greenstyle Creations – Cavallo Leggings

Greenstyle Creations – Power Sports Bra

We also Mentioned https://youtube.com/c/StylebyAnna

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