Organize Your Sewing Room – Our Top 5 Tips

We have compiled our Top 5 tips on how to organize your sewing room!

If you are lucky enough to have a dedicated space for your sewing or craft hobby it is essential to have it work well for you. 

Check out our Top 5 Tips for your Sewing Room

Tip 1 Keep it Neutral & Modular

Neutral is usually best for workspaces such as sewing or craft rooms.  These bright surfaces help to keep the room bright and help to bounce light around the room.  They are also the perfect backdrop for all the colourful items you will be creating!  Allow your makes to be centre stage and show them off at their best in your room.

It also makes it really easy to add extra storage or shelving if you have a neutral base, giving you more flexibility.  Modular pieces can also be easily moved around and re-arrange – with the options to add more pieces and make a larger surface if needed. These are a great option to organize your sewing room

Multiple-use furniture can be space-saving.

You need to future proof your room in case your needs change.  In the future you may need larger stash space (who doesn’t!), want a design wall, add an extra machine or even a dedicated cutting table.

Cubes can be a great way to store most craft supplies

Tip 2 Think About your Light Source

If you have the benefit of lots of natural light then always take advantage of it, placing your main sewing space in direct daylight.  If you have limited light you can take advantage of many of the natural light lamps available. These can be everything from table lamps to floor lamps and even magnifying lamps!

Another option is to simply switch to daylight bulbs for you main light in the room.  Not only do they brighten your workspace in a natural way, but they help your eyesight and can make colours clearer.  They are also known to improve your mood, productivity, and mental awareness.

Pure Lite LED Desk Magnifying Lamp

Tip 3 The Sewing Room Work Triangle

The kitchen work triangle is a concept used to determine efficient kitchen layouts that are both aesthetic and functional. The primary tasks in a home kitchen are carried out between the counter top, the sink and the refrigerator but the same applies to how you organize your sewing room.  You are mainly moving between your sewing machine, iron and cutting space so make sure these are all fully accessible.  A swivel chair for moving around between spaces may also be useful.

Save yourself time with the perfect work triangle

Tip 4Organisation is key

Whether you have a whole room or a small mobile space, organization is key!  As they say, a messy room means a messy mind!  There are so many storage solutions out there now, from twirling tabletop carousels to clever stacking boxes you can take your pick of what suits you best. 

Think about how to best use space and try to think outside the box, repurposing storage you may already.  Rachel has used a collection of old glass jars to store all of her bits and bobs, from knicker bows to sewing machine feet.  Genius!

Rachel’s jars for sewing bits & pieces

Tip 5Keep it yours 

My space is 89% of the time my sewing space but also 10% general dumping ground and 1% occasional dining room!  After Christmas last year I spent an hour or two reintroducing all my sewing bits back into my room after we had used it as a dining room for a few weeks. (it is still a sewing space but I remove as much as I can but it still feels like eating in a sewing studio!)

I honestly removed tableware, Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, Christmas cards, a squash racket, a parcel to return to Amazon and some of Maisie’s toys!

Try and avoid using it yourself to dump things in, this way you will also discourage other family members from doing the same!   Make sure you call it your sewing room and not the dining room or spare room, changing its name for the family definitely gives you more ownership of it.

A little bit of personalisation goes a long way so don’t be afraid to make it your own space.

Personalisation will always make your space feel more like your own.

We hope you like our Top 5 Tips. For some additional inspiration why not have a sneaky peek to see how we organize your sewing rooms? Check them out on Youtube.

Make sure to check out our Online Sewing Classes on our website.

Happy Sewing

Nikki & Rachel

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