Nikki’s New Sewing Room

My new sewing room is already bringing me great joy! I am so happy to be able to share it with you now it is (very nearly) finished.

You may have seen our latest vlog on Youtube where I took you on a tour of my new sewing room (linked below incase you want to watch). I wanted to write a blog post for you all with all of those little details. For me, it has been more than just finding the best table to sew at. It has been about making the space mine and feel like a little bit of me.

When planning the new sewing room I wanted to make sure that each area was thought through for the best productivity. What was mainly needed was a cutting area that was easy to use, had everything to hand, and didn’t cause my back to ache! I needed a space to sew that was big enough to accommodate up to 3 machines (sewing, overlocking, and coverstitch) Also I needed a little bit of flexibility with the tables so that multiple people could sew if necessary. (Of course, I love having Rachel over to sew with me)

This new sewing room has been much longed for and I needed to make sure it was done properly.

Nkiki in her new sewing room

The Cutting Table

So let’s start with the most important part, yes it’s the cutting table! As a tall woman, I have always struggled with cutting fabric on your average table. It’s just too low and I find my back aches terribly by the end of a cutting session. I wanted to create a solid feeling, raised table with storage underneath. It needed to be wheeled about to create more space in my new sewing room, if necessary. The unit should also be able to move freely so that I could cut all the way around it for tricky items.

The Ikea hack using 3 Kallax units was what I decided to go for, the ones with the 4 cubes. There are lots of blog posts and tutorial videos on how to create this but I will take you through some of the basics.

You can never have enough storage!

Put two Kallax units back to back and another one on the end facing out, secure these together. Then add them onto a piece of plywood or hardboard that you have already added castors to. Attach them to the wood and apply another piece of ply to the top for your tabletop, securing it again to the units.

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There is lots of sanding and screwing involved but it is SO WORTH IT! I don’t have to bend at all now to cut my fabric, the job is a delight! With this arrangement of Kallax units I have managed to fit in two A1 sized cutting boards, with an little extra space at the end for the likes of pattern weights and pins.

3 Kallax units turned into a perfect cutting table

It Swivels!

I can swivel it into the main part of the room if I want to walk all the way around it to cut. It can also swivel against the wall if I need more space in the room. For extra storage, I added these really clever drawer and cupboard elements from Ikea to the front-facing Kallax. They are just perfect for the storage of smaller items.

The Ruler Shelves

To finish off the cutting area I needed to have a good way to store my multitude of quilting rulers. As I am a quilter at heart I have a great deal of love for quilting rulers. I am proud of my collection so wanted them on display in my new sewing room. I wanted to be able to see them and be able to grab whichever one I wanted without hassle. Finally, I needed rotary cutters and scissors to hand.

The perfect place for rulers and scissors

I had the idea of attaching a piece of wood battening with hooks underneath for the scissors and cutters. There was lots of space for the rulers, but the wood wasn’t wide enough to store the rulers (without risk of them falling on my head!) Again it was Ikea to the rescue with two of their Picture Ledge Shelves (Mosslanda). These are wide enough for lots of rulers and have a handy lip at the edge and a groove perfect for sitting smaller rulers in.

I love the little extra at the edge, perfect for pins and pattern weights

The Spray Painted Elements

I was hugely inspired by a picture of painted Ikea Peg Boards (Skadis). In the end, it was the catalyst to many style decisions in my new sewing room. You know how I love a rainbow hehe.

Rainbow Peg Boards

I did some research and came across a brand of spray paint that looked like it was perfect. It would spray onto anything and come in an amazing array of colours. They are Montana Black Spray Paints and I bought them from Fat Buddha Store.

Montana Black Spray Paint

After much thought, I ordered 6 colours and couldn’t wait for them to arrive. As soon as they arrived I just knew I would want to start spraying. I used a good quality masking tape beforehand to seperate the areas and was careful to do each colour to avoid any overspray. Make sure you spray outside as it is very smelly!

Rainbow peg boards, of course!

The results were so impressive and I had so much fun spraying that I couldn’t just stop there! I started looking around for what I had that I could spray.

Rainbow Mini Filing Cabinet

We had an old Ikea mini filing cabinet that was destined for the charity shop. The handles on my Kallax drawers and cupboard and my waste bin also got the spray paint treatment!

Rainbow mini cabinet

I did all of this from my 6 cans and have a little left in 3 of them. It can be a lot of money to spend on spray paint, but I feel that these touches helped me make my new sewing room my own. I made it personal to me (and my love of rainbows and bright colours!)

The Final Touches

Full Length Mirror

Once all of the main pieces of furniture were in I could unpack. I moved in all my sewing bits and my huge fabric stash. It was so good sorting it all out once and for all. I have always wanted a lovely big mirror for viewing new garments and bought this lovely rose gold hexagon one from Amazon.

Rose Gold Hexagon Mirror.


I definitely needed some art and decorative items to add some more colour and interest around my new sewing room. A few of the items are from local independent shops near me but I bought the poster art from Posterlounge.

Poster art from Posterlounge

The Little Extras

The final thing I wanted to show you were these amazing mini hexagon pinboards. I was looking for something colourful but useful to add to the wall. I was lucky enough to find these amazing Hexagon Pin Boards on Amazon. They simply stick to the wall with little double sides stickers. They are so cute and come in lots of great colours and different shapes. This was two packs mixed together to make a larger display and I totally love them!

Hexagon Pin Boards

So all I have left to do is get the ceiling painted which I am leaving that to my wonderful decorator in a few weeks, as I would just make a huge mess! Also, I have ordered two burnt orange velvet chairs for Rachel and I to sit in, and possibly vlog from in the future, and these should arrive next month.

So, How Did It Turn Out?

Overall I feel that this is my space and it still has lots of room for me to grow into it. I will love filling it with my own unique handmade items and things i’ve picked up along the way.

I would love to hear what you think about my new sewing room and let me know if you have any questions about anything at all.

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Happy sewing!

18 thoughts on “Nikki’s New Sewing Room”

    Hello The stitchsisterrs, I am a hobbyist, I find the classes educative, I still need to visit the classes to get the full benefits.
    I am requesting for training on the above machine, as I have tried to use it several times and I am still unable to get the threading right. It has the “instant Jet-Air Threading” system.
    Please help.

    1. Hi there, unfortunately we don’t own a Babylock Desire 3 so we wouldn’t be able to give you specific instructions. Our class is designed to be used with any machine, with your manual as additional help.
      You could always look on youtube to see if anyone has done a tutorial for your specific machine if you are still having issues.
      Many thanks

  2. Hi.
    Love your new room, lots of new ideas to share!
    I’ve been lucky enough to just have my own room too.
    I like the pin boards and am hoping to shop for them.
    I have the opposite trouble height wise, I’m not quite 5 ft. My cutting table needs some thought!
    You mentioned your chair, I’d love to know where you got it from?
    Regards Sue

    1. I have the same issue! Not quite 5 foot and having a time finding cabinets that will accommodate my height. I’m currently building a new sewing room. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please give me a holler! Petite gals unite!

  3. Hi. Some lovely ideas here especially the ruler shelf as my rulers really annoy me (poor things). They are in a box which is always falling over so I have just asked my husband to make me a shelf like yours. Love the room (and the classes). Regards, Mary.

  4. Great room! I made the same cutting table – it is the best. I have my embroidery hoops hanging on the bare sides. Now I need some spray paint for my peg board. What a wonderful idea.

  5. Hi Nikki
    I’m so in love with your sewing room ? I have a little sewing ? room but I have plans to vacate my husband ? from his bigger train room so that I can increase my sewing space. You have given me a lot of great ideas and can’t wait to put them in practice.

    Stay safe
    Sue ?✂️

  6. Love your new sewing room, so bright and cheerful, which certainly helps to get your sewjo going. I have the same cutting table but used some wooden kitchen surface for the top. I’ve never thought to pull it out to get around all four sides – brilliant.

    Happy Christmas

    1. Thank you Pat!
      Hehe I’m are glad we were able to make your cutting easier! I’ve also been using it as my wrapping station for Christmas presents this year, also using a dull rotary cutter to cut the paper (it’s so quick!)
      Merry Christmas to you too

    1. Hi Mary
      I went for led recessed spot lights in my room with daylightbulbs. I also installed a dimmer switch just incase I needed to lower the light levels. Daylight bulbs are essential for low light spaces.
      Hope that helps.

  7. I just found your post and I love your sewing room! I’m about to start creating my sewing/craft space as well and your post gave me so many wonderful ideas. Thanks so much and enjoy your room!! Oh I also adore your quilt. I’m a quilter as well – could you sure the pattern? Thank you!

    1. Hi Michelle,

      I don’t think I have ever sewn a quilt from a pattern, they are usually all very improvisational and mainly use scraps!
      Best of luck with your own sewing space, we would love to see pictures of it when it is finished!

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