#ManSewing – Mens Shirt Patterns Round Up

#ManSewing is back!!

Apologies for the longer than planned interlude, but we are finally back with some new #ManSewing videos. This time we focus on long sleeve shirt patterns, but these were actually made before the hiatus and so we have to apologise in advance if our memories are a little rusty!

Rachel made Damian the Fairfield Button Up Shirt from Thread Theory Designs from a Plain Washed Chambray Denim.

Nikki made Tim the Mimi G for Simplicity S8427 pattern from an Italian Woven Pinstripe Cotton Shirting.

All of our #ManSewing videos have been sponsored by Minerva Crafts who have kindly supplied all of the fabrics we have used in the videos.

You can watch the video and hear our full reviews on both shirt here:

Shirt Pattern Round-Up

As in previous #ManSewing videos, we have put together a full list of alternative patterns that you might want to consider. The great thing about being able to now put them in the blog is that the list is easily accessible whenever you need it – bookmark it now if you think it’ll be useful!

Unlike the other categories we have already looked at, there is an abundance of shirt options available. As always with the big pattern companies, you have to look past the 90s catalogue styling and use your imaginations a little. But once you do that, there is probably every possible shirt variation you could ever want. Plus almost all of the indie pattern companies who do menswear have a shirt offering. Here’s a round-up of what we have found:


You can always rely on BurdaStyle to have patterns that are more fashion forward. Their menswear patterns lean towards a modern slim fit and the pictures are often styled really well. The problem is that BurdaStyle patterns have no seam allowance, so you need to factor in the extra time it’ll take to add that to all of the pattern pieces before you can cut or trace them out. Here are some of our favourite BurdaStyle shirt patterns – there are loads more on their website!! Links below – each row is left to right.

BurdaStyle Men’s Linen Shirt 06/2018 #128

BurdaStyle Men’s Short Sleeve Shirt 06/2016 #143

BurdaStyle Men’s Smoking Shirt 06/2016 #144

BurdaStyle Men’s Western Style Shirt 06/2016 #145

BurdaStyle Men’s Dress Shirt 01/2014 #127

BurdaStyle Men’s Chambray Shirt 04/2013 #138

Indie Patterns

For those of you who prefer to support the smaller pattern houses, there are a plethora of men’s shirt patterns available from a wide range of indie designers. We hunted high and low and are confident this is a definitive list – but if you come across any we have missed, please do let us know! We can vouch for the Fairfield and the Negroni but we haven’t yet made any of the others. Links below – each row is left to right.

Thread Theory Designs Fairfield Button-up Shirt 

Wardrobe by Me Jensen Shirt

Collete Patterns (Walden) Negroni

Peekaboo Patterns Yukon Button Up

Sisboom Marco Shirt – Unisex

Jalie Men & Boys Shirt 2111

Twig & Tale Mens Breeze Shirt

Liesl & Co All Day Shirt

Stoff & Stil Mens Shirt 87001

Hot Patterns Mr HP Coal, Iron and Railroad Company Shirt HP2002

Merchant & Mills All State Shirt

Big Four – Unisex

There are so many Big 4 shirt patterns and so we have split them down into sub-categories, starting with unisex. If you like making shirts for yourself, but also want to make them for the men in your life, then there are a few patterns which offer both. Personally, we think a unisex pattern is never going to be drafted as well as one made for men- or women-only, but it’s a great way to save money. Links from left to right.

New Look Mens & Women’s Shirts 6197

McCalls Misses/Mens Button Down Shirts 6613

McCalls Misses/Mens Button Down Shirts 6932

New Look Unisex Shirt 6232

Big 4 – Men & Boys

If you are looking to make shirts for all the men in your life, including the little ones, there are a few patterns out there that can provide boys, teens and men’s sizes. Links below from left to right. 

Simplicity Mens & Boys Shirt (Boxers & Tie) 8180

McCalls Mens/Boys Shirts with Hood or Collar 7447

McCalls Mens/Boys Shirts (Shorts & Pants) 6972

Big 4 – Long Sleeve

If you know exactly what you are looking for and just want a well-drafted shirt pattern then we think it is best to stick to the patterns that only offer one option. Some of these patterns offer variations in collar or cuffs, but the main body of the shirt is the same. There are still quite a few to choose from though! Links below – each row is left to right.

Simplicity Shirts 1544

Burda Mens Shirts 7045

Burda Mens Shirts 7525

Burda Mens Shirts 6874

Vogue Men’s Standard, Tailored or Slim Fit Button Down Shirts 9220

McCalls Mens Button Down Shirts 6044

Kwik Sew Mens Shirts 3422 

Kwik Sew Mens Shirts 3506

Kwik Sew Mens Shirts 4075

Big 4 – Short Sleeve

For the summer months, maybe you just want a short sleeve pattern. We especially liked the bowling or cuban style oversized shirts this summer. There are only a couple in this category from the Big 4, but other similar styles are available from the indie patterns. Links from left to right.

McCalls Mens Bowling Shirts 7206

Kwik Sew Mens Shirts 3484

Big 4 – Multiple Options

This last category includes all the patterns for which there are multiple options in the same envelope. Some offer both long and short sleeve variations. Others offer additional accessories such as waistcoats or ties. These will give you the best bang for your buck – although the styling on some of these envelopes whiffs a bit of camembert!! Links below – each row from left to right.

Burda Mens Shirts 6931

Burda Mens Shirts 6814

McCalls Mens Shirt (& Waistcoat) 2447

Kwik Sew Mens Shirts 3883

McCalls Mens Shirts 2149

Vogue Mens Shirt 8759

Vogue Mens Shirt 8889

So there you have it, all your menswear shirt pattern needs in the one place! We’d love to know which ones you choose to sew with so if you do any #ManSewing please do tag us in or let us know. We love to see what you are working on!!

Happy Man-Sewing!!

Rachel & Nikki x

3 thoughts on “#ManSewing – Mens Shirt Patterns Round Up”

  1. Hi,
    I haven’t made one yet – I need more practice at simple stuff first – but these two guys (@patronslesbg) were on the french equivalent of sewing bee. They have created a line of menswear patterns including a shirt.

    Initially only in french, it looks as though they have been translated into english and will be at the knitting and stitching show.

    here’s a link to their announcement on their instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BogEupyB6MU/?taken-by=patronslesbg

    and to the shirt on their site https://patronslesbg.com/produit/chemise-lelegant/

  2. I consideres myself a seasoned seamstress until I made a man’s shirt. I’ve only used MaCalls 2447, but I’ve used it 3 or 4 times and consistently have off-centered collar and buttons! Is it me or the pattern? What is the best pattern to use. I have made button down shirts for myself with a simple collar (without the collar stand) and have not.had this issue.

  3. Marianne Woodcock

    Are you still planning on doing more #mansewing series? I’ve really enjoyed the shirts so far. would love to see what you sew for your children as well (I mostly do family sewing, not so much for myself).

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