Is it time for a cosy winter craft?

Have you always wanted to learn to crochet?

As we head into the colder months here in the UK it’s a good time to pick up a cosy craft. As you may know, Rachel loves her crochet and this year I have asked her to teach me!  I am super excited to learn to crochet and cannot wait to get started.
Learn to crochet with The Stitch Sisters

Now, I have made a few granny squares in the past, but I am very rusty and have never made an actual garment! 

We thought it would be fun to show you guys how to crochet at the same time. So while Rachel teaches me, you can learn to crochet too. We are planning to film the whole thing for Youtube! Keep your eyes peeled for the the first instalment soon.

Rachel from The Stitch Sisters in crochet sweater

Rachel made both of these amazing sweaters and they have inspired me to learn to crochet and make my own. This was the Brooklyn Sweater, which is a free pattern from For The Frills. Rachel did make a few alterations to the original pattern, like adding the puffs to the sleeves on mine. (she’s so clever!)

Nikki from The Stitch Sisters in crochet sweater

My Pattern Choice

Big knits are such a staple for me in the winter and I’m hoping to add a few of my own makes to my collection. I already have a pattern in mind, the Everygirl Sweater from Hooked Handmade Happiness on Etsy. The pattern recommended Caron Cakes of yarn for this project (seen in the top picture above), which I bought from LoveCrafts

Rachel gave me a top tip, if you are making your first crochet project it is always best to use the same yarn recommended. The pattern has been designed for the specific weight of yarn, so stick with this for starters.

It looks simple enough for a beginner, or someone trying to learn to crochet, but wish me luck nonetheless!

Hooked on Homemade Happiness Crochet Sweater

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