How To Cut Out A Sweatshirt

Welcome to How To Cut Out A Sweatshirt! Here we will take you through, step by step, how to use your self drafted pattern to cut out your DIY sweatshirt pattern.

You will firstly need to follow along with our tutorial on how to draft your sweatshirt pattern. Click here if you need to do that before you start.

Fabric Recommendations

Firstly, you will need 2 meters of a sweatshirt jersey fabric. This will be enough fabric to cut your sweatshirt and your bands but you also have the option to buy 1m cuffing fabric as an alternative.

We recommend using a good quality sweatshirt fabric for your Stitch Sisters Sweatshirt. You can get various different types of sweatshirt fabric, including french terry (with loops on the inside), fleece sweatshirt fabric (fleece on the inside), lightweight and heavier weight sweatshirt fabric. You could also use scuba fabric, ponte roma or any other 4-way stretch fabric. Just make sure that your fabric has a good amount of stretch in it and that the recovery is good.

Sweatshirt fabrics from Jelly Fabrics

Here are just some of our favourite places to look for sweatshirt fabric for our Stitch Sisters Sweatshirt.

Higgs & Higgs

Jelly Fabrics


Stoff & Stil

Fabric Preparation

We always advise that you wash and iron your fabric before starting any project. This is particularly important when sewing with jersey fabric, as it does have a tendency to shrink a little. So get your fabric washed, dried and ironed before heading the next step for your DIY Sweatshirt.

Check the stretch

Firstly, before we start cutting or sewing your Stitch Sisters Sweatshirt, you need to determine which way your fabric stretches. The stretch on your sweatshirt needs go crossways around the body, front front to back. Some jerseys, such as sweatshirting, will have a 4-way stretch. This means that it will stretch both crossways and lengthways, front back and head to toe. If this is the case you should fold the fabric from selvedge to selvedge for cutting.

Depending on the width of your fabric you may be able to fold both selvedge ends into the middle, such as have done below. Fold it this way and check that the front and back pattern pieces fit on the fabric. You will have a fold at each edge to line up your pattern pieces with.

If your fabric has a pattern of any type, take a moment to look at it before you place your pattern pieces. Which way does it stretch? Which way does the pattern run? Is it the same in both directions? Decide the best way to fold your fabric and make sure you lay all of your pattern pieces going in the same direction. Flipping a pattern piece on a one way fabric can end up with something being upside down (as we well know!)

A Quick Note On Pattern Matching

We know that stripe matching can be difficult for some people, so we are planning to bring you another blog post on our top tips on pattern matching soon.

As a basic guide, match the lowest point of the underarm with the same point on the fabric, for both the front and back pattern pieces. This should mean that both pieces are the same.

Now, we are holding our hands here and admitting that we did make an error with ours! We are happy to live with it, as mistakes happen….all is explained in the next blog! Please don’t be offended by our mismatched stripes!

Cutting the front and back pieces

DIY Sweatshirt

Place both the front and back pattern pieces on each of the folds. You can either use pins and scissors to cut your pattern or a rotary cutter and cutting board. We recommend using a rotary cutter as this prevents stretching of the fabric and gives a much more accurate cut especially when using stretch fabrics, but use whatever you have to hand.

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Cutting the sleeves

The next step in how to cut your Stitch Sisters Sweatshirt is the sleeves. Once again, fold your fabric to fit your pattern piece. Lay your sleeve pattern piece on the fabric, with the edge of fold aligning with the fold on the pattern. Cut your sleeve just as you did with the front and backs.

Make sure that you cut two sleeves!

Cutting the sleeves – How to cut your Stitch Sisters Sweatshirt

Cutting the bands

You will also need to cut bands for your neck, hem and cuffs. The measurements are below should you need a quick reminder.

We used a jersey ribbing for our bands, but you can also use the same fabric as the rest of your sweatshirt.

Remember that you will need to cut two cuffs for your Stitch Sisters Sweatshirt.

Well done, you should have all of the pieces cut for your DIY Stitch Sisters Sweatshirt now.

We will be using our overlocker to sew the sweatshirt together, so if you need to get yours ready for sewing then do it now.

If you need any help with using an overlocker we can highly recommend our Guide to Overlockers class. It will tell you everything you need to know for successful overlocker sewing and you won’t fear the rethreading, we promise!

The Stitch Sisters – Guide to Overlockers

You can of course sew your Stitch Sisters Sweatshirt with a sewing machine too. If you are doing this then we recommend a stretch or jersey needle in your machine. Get your machine threaded up in a matching thread and get ready to sew.

Head over to the next blog and we will get started sewing!

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  1. Hi, I love your classes and all the things you make. I would love to make the sweatshirt, but the Person `I want to make it for has a 54 inch bust. How do I best go about altering the pattern size?
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