Guide to Trouser Fitting Course – Our Pattern Picks

Looking for a way to create the perfect fit for your trousers? Our comprehensive trouser fitting course, Guide to Trouser Fitting, is just what you need!

This course will teach you everything you need to know about fitting trousers, from measuring yourself correctly to diagnosing common fit issues and making the necessary adjustments to your pattern.

Everyone’s body is different, and our course will teach you how to adjust your trousers to fit your unique body shape. Say goodbye to trousers that don’t fit properly and hello to trousers that make you look and feel great!

Our Guide to Trouser Fitting course requires you to use a fairly basic trouser pattern to begin learning all about the fitting process. We have some recommendations for trouser patterns that would be great to use alongside the course, before you head off on your own trouser fitting adventures!

Sara Pant – The Fabric Store

This is the pattern we use in the class, but any standard straight or wide leg trouser pattern would work.

Viki Sews – Jacqueline Trousers

Orageuse Patterns Acacia Trousers

Peppermint Magazine Wide Leg Trousers

Tessuti Fabrics Avalon Pant

Fibre Mood Peaches Trousers

Closet Core Mitchell Trousers

Simplicity S9714

New Look N6678

We hope you find a pattern that you would like to use alongside our Guide to Trouser Fitting Course!

Happy Sewing!

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