Free Dungaree Pattern – DIY Tutorial

Want to know how to make dungarees? Our easy free dungaree pattern has been a huge hit over on our blog, so we thought we’d film a full DIY dungaree tutorial as well. We all love dungarees and who wouldn’t want an oversized super comfy pair? Especially if it involves a free and simple draft your own pattern and tutorial!

8 thoughts on “Free Dungaree Pattern – DIY Tutorial”

  1. I love this pattern, however, I have no hip shape so wonder if it would be best to reduce the amount of ease?

    1. Hi Jennifer, yes you can reduce the ease. Why not measure a pair of trousers you like the fit of and compare that to your own body measurements to see how much ease you tend to like. Then reduce to match on the pattern, remembering that each rectangle is 1/4 of the total body circumference. Hope that helps x

  2. Hi ladies
    I adore these dungarees so much that I’ve made 8 so far.
    I was just wondering if I wanted to have just the trousers part is it just a case of leaving the front and back bib parts off.
    Sonia xx

    1. We haven’t tried that Sonia! i guess the issue would be the waist and making sure that you add a wasitband, possibly with elastic. You could always give it a go with a toil fabric and see how you get on.

  3. Great tutorial, I’m just wondering – If you want to avoid a seam down the front of the bib, can you just cut the front in one piece on the fold? Would there be any issues with this?

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