DIY Pleated Skirt In Under 30 Mins!

Make your own DIY Plisse Skirt with us. Pleated skirts are everywhere on the high street at the moment but, as DIY Fashionistas, it is so hard to buy one when every time you see one your first thought is “I could make that”. So we did exactly that from plisse fabric and now we’d like to show you how to make one too. It is super quick and totally beginner-friendly. So…….what are you waiting for?!

Hold on, what is plisse?

Plisse is a fabric that has been chemically pleated so that when you wash the fabric, the pleats remain. It is usually a polyester base as a synthetic is required to keep those manufactured pleats in shape. The pleats give the fabric stretch and movement even though the fabric is woven. The pleats come in a range of different widths (ours were skinny pleats) and can be uniform or have more of a crinkle look for different styles of DIY plisse skirt.

Where can I buy plisse?

We got the fabric for our skirts from Fabricland in Bristol. Rachel chose a hot pink fabric for £4.44 and Nikki went for rose gold for £4.99. We each bought two metres for our size.

You can buy the same fabric as us, or we have also found pleated fabrics at the following online retailers:

Stoff + Stil
My Fabrics
Minerva Crafts
Like Sew Amazing

How much fabric do I need?

We have calculated how much fabric you will need based on your waist size. Use the chart below to help you work out how much you need for your own skirt.

Waist Size (inches)Waist Size (cms)Fabric (metres)Fabric (yards)
26″ and under66cm and under1.5m1 2/3
27-34″67-86cm2m2 1/4
35-42″87-106cm2.5m2 3/4
43-52″107-132cm3m3 1/3

How much elastic do I need?

You will need a piece equal to your waist measurement plus 1″ or 2.5cm. We bought our elastic from Amazon. Click here to buy the same.

How do I make the skirt?

We have step-by-step instructions in this YouTube video. First, we show you how to draft your own pattern. Then we walk you through the sewing process. If you get stuck, just comment below and we’ll try to help.

Can I make this skirt with a wider pleat fabric?

Sure! That’ll work just fine, but you may want to adjust the formula slightly. There is not exact science to it, but perhaps instead of adding 60% to your waist measurement, try adding 40% instead. If you skirt is too full, you could always run the side seams in a little more before you attach the waistband.

We do hope you give making your own skirt a try, and we would love to see the results if you do! Drop us an email or tag us on social media as @thestitchsistersuk.

Happy Sewing!!

Lots of love

Rachel & Nikki

4 thoughts on “DIY Pleated Skirt In Under 30 Mins!”

  1. I have culottes made in this type of fabric . Shortened them by cutting – but the fabric is fraying. Any idea what to do? Hemming doesn’t seem to be an option

  2. Hi Ladies,

    Just made the plisse skirt and thank you for such an easy to follow pattern….although I have had to develop some origami techniques with my fingers when sewing the elastic on!!
    Quick question….I bought far too much fabric…. is there an easy top that can be made with this fabric to go with the skirt? Nothing skimpy, my body is not that way inclined!! Preferably with some sort of sleeve.
    Thanks again

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