Choose Our Dresses For The Sewcialite Soiree!

As many of you will already know, we are very excited to be hosting a big sewing party in Bristol on 10th November called the Sewcialite Soiree. We have been organising it with Sarah from Like Sew Amazing and Jen from GingerellaJ who are our fellow Bristol Bloggers!

We have nearly 100 of you coming to join us for cocktails, giggles, dancing and lots of lovely sewing chat. So of course we need to create some fabulous new dresses for the occasion.

In true X-Factor style we have decided to put that decision in your hands so we have each selected 3 dress options (in fact, not surprisingly Rachel has cheated and chosen 4 options!) and we would like you to tell us your favourite for each of us. We promise to make whichever dress is the favourite!!

If you would like to hear more about all the options, including the types of fabrics we plan to use, go and watch the video on our channel now:

But if you a ready to cast your vote, here are our options.

Nikki has selected the following 3 dresses:

[Total_Soft_Poll id=”2″]

Rachel has selected the following dresses:

[Total_Soft_Poll id=”3″]

Voting closes in one week on 21st September at 7pm (GMT). We promise to make the dresses that receive the most votes!!

Thanks for helping us choose.

Rachel & Nikki x

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