Nikki’s Gorgeous Pajamas – Carolyn Pajama Pattern Review

Nikki’s Carolyn Pajama Pattern Review.

When lockdown started in the UK I had mixed feeling about how to spend my time. My priorities changed significantly as I had my whole family home all day. I was now homeschooling as well as feeding, cleaning, and looking after everyone all day. I felt like my mummy role took over for a while, but that was what I needed to do at the time.

As we all fell into our new normal routine, I realized I had some space and time to get back to my sewing. I had definitely earned some me-time!

I have had the Carolyn Pajamas Pattern from Closet Case for some time and I have always wanted to make the shorts version. Especially the piped version. So I picked some fabric from my stash, double winner there, and got started!

My Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Case Patterns

The Fabric

The fabric came from my stash and I teamed it with some hot pink satin bias binding and hot pink buttons. If you want to buy something similar to my fabrics here are a few similar fabrics I’ve found.

Floral Cotton from Minerva
Mauvey Tana Lawn from Liberty
Bursting Bouquets from Sewisfaction

For the accessories, I bought the piping cord, buttons, and satin bias binding from eBay.

The Pattern

The Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Case Patterns is perfectly designed for sleeping and chic lounging! The cut is figure flattering but with a modern tailored edge.

The Carolyn top has a classic notched collar, curved hem and breast pocket with three sleeve options. For a matching pajama set, choose between a straight-legged pant (with or without cuff) or a cuffed short. Both pants and shorts feature an elasticized waist, pockets, and a faux fly. I love the option to personalize my Carolyn Pajamas by adding piping, making them extra special.

The Sewing

Faux Fly on the Carolyn Pajama Shorts

I started by making the shorts as this was the easiest place to start. I felt like I needed to get a good portion done before tackling anything tricky.

With an elasticated waist and faux fly, I wasn’t going to have to deal with any tricky closures. The faux fly was easy to sew as it was so beautifully explained in the instructions. Plus you get to start doing a little bit of top-stitching (which I love!)

Don’t you just love the piping around the cuffs.

The Piping

This was the first time I had ever added piping to clothing and I totally fell in love. My advice is to go for a small width piping cord. I used 2mm and use either a piping foot or a slimline zipper foot.

Closet Case have an additional free blog post on How To Sew Piping that you may find useful.

The have pockets!

You need to be brave! Try to get super close to the cord when attaching everything together. It’s ok to have a couple of tries at it if you need to. (I know I certainly did!) It may be useful to have a little practice on some scraps before jumping in with piping your shorts.

Moving onto the top, more piping yeah!

Starting on the shorts also means that you get the hang of the piping before sewing the trickier top. Piping on the collar is optional, so if you are scared, it’s ok to just go for the cuffs.

The Pajama Top

The instructions for the notched collar are brilliantly explained with little tips & tricks to get a great clean finish.

I love my piping & matching buttons

The top itself has some trickier parts, like the collar, but overall it is still a nice sew. Sewing with a stable fabric like cotton always makes things easier! You don’t have to worry too much about stretching or anything distorting. Just take your time and concentrate on each step as it comes.

It’s pretty on the inside too!

The Insides

The pattern takes you through how to do french seams on the inside of your Pajamas. I chose to do a bound hem using the same satin bias binding I used for my piping. I used it on the side seams, facing seam, and the bottom hem of the top. This means the seams are all nicely dealt with on the inside and gives them an additional pop of that hot pink which I love.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have made your own Carolyn Pajamas I would love to hear about them. Send us a message or tag us on social media.

If you are looking to learn to sew clothes then make sure you check out all of our online classes.

Happy Sewing!


20 thoughts on “Nikki’s Gorgeous Pajamas – Carolyn Pajama Pattern Review”

  1. They are lovely Nicki. I’ve just asked for this pattern for my birthday and want to make the same set. I just hope I have enough fabric as have some 2 metre lengths of Liberty.

  2. Beautiful job. I have had pattern for a while too and have lovely cotton lawn fabric so will get going! I love your wallpaper – where is it from?

  3. Absolutely love these pj’s! Must get the pattern. Thank you for sharing with everyone Nikki.
    Just purchased your online overlocker tutorial- really excited about learning all the functions and getting the most out off it!

  4. I am about to make myself two sets of these, I bought some gorgeous flannelette fabric with vintage caravans on them (it is now winter in Australia….) and have ordered some piping in coordinating colors. In summer, I will make a few sets of these in a nice cotton fabric, it is great that they have pockets because I can place my insulin in them.

  5. Hi Nikki, I haven’t made these yet but I have the pattern and would like to make my daughter some before she abandons me for college. She graduates this week from high school. How many hours do you calculate it took you to make? (Binding and all) Also I’ve seen a good tutorial by Amy from Almondrock Sews on YouTube that helps with piping along the collar.

  6. It’s a surprise, and nice to know, that it was your first time doing piping! I never would have guessed! But you give us all encouragement and the courage to try it for ourselves, and to not be intimidated by trying something new to us. Your results are super lovely!

  7. Your pajamas are gorgeous! Love the fabric and the hot pink piping. I’ve been looking at this pattern and trying to get up the courage to buy it and sew myself some pajamas. Your post is so encouraging that I think I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much Jayne, they really are a lovely pattern. Do share a picture of yours when you make them, we would love to see them.

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