We are Rachel & Nikki, a dynamic-duo sewing team who vlog and now blog as The Stitch Sisters. We both share an absolute, unadulterated love of sewing and a serious fabric addiction! 

We also run classes from our home workshops in Old Sodbury (part of the beautiful Cotswolds countryside near Bristol) and started the Sodbury Sewing School in 2014. We pride ourselves on making our classes fun and relaxed, full of gossip and giggles. Running them from our homes gives our sewists a personal touch that often leads to new friendships and a firm love of sewing. 

We have taught such a wide range of classes and our motto has always been to “keep things simple, take the pressure off and remember that sewing should be fun!”.

It is with this same ethos that we decided to start our own YouTube channel and share all the fun we are having in classes with a much wider audience. Since it started, our Stitch Sisters YouTube channel has gone from strength to strength and we now have a very loyal group of followers who tell us that we what we offer is a unique blend of fun and information! They say watching us is like chatting with friends and that makes us so incredibly proud.

We are in such a unique position that we get to do this for a job! We sew everyday and when we are not actually sewing we are planning, training, reading or talking about sewing. This blog has been created to allow us to share even more of our sewing life with all of you.

We would love for you to join us on our sewing adventures, so follow along as we…


nikki headshot

Meet Nikki

Nikki started out her sewing life as a contemporary crafter and quilting queen. Her “scrappy” patchwork style using bold colours and fabrics was instantly recognisable. These days her dressmaking passion is just as great and she has accumulated an impressive me-made wardrobe which she likes to combine with high street fashions. She would describe her style as “fun, colourful and modern” – taking inspiration from fashion and sewing magazines as well as the online sewing community. She likes her makes to be versatile and comfortable and when she find something she loves she’ll make it again and again. Her sewing superpowers are topstitching, pattern-matching and shopping.

rachel machine1

Meet Rachel

Rachel is a vintage-styled dressmaker with a passion for sewing history. She has a preference for vintage patterns and fabrics, loves upcycling, and is never happier than when rummaging through hand-me-down treasures. She reads sewing books like novels from cover to cover and has numerous notepads full of her sewing scribbles. Over time her style has evolved into what she describes as “eclectic modern vintage” – taking inspiration from the past but mixing up different eras and adding in a few current trends. She likes her me-mades to be comfortable as well as stylish, but she rarely makes the same pattern twice. Her sewing superpowers  are fitting, drafting and styling.