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The Stitch Sisters

Here at The Stitch Sisters we want to help you on your sewing journey, whether you are at the very start or have already gained a few skills.

our mission

We are on a mission to spread the joy of sewing...

Through our easy to follow step-by-step online classes & courses. We believe there is nothing more rewarding than sewing something yourself, which reflects your own personality and style.

our ethos

Sewing can be so much more than a practical skill!

It can bring you some much needed me-time, helping you destress and relax. It can also help to build your confidence while you explore your style through your wardrobe.

How we started...

Before we started our online classes, we ran sewing classes from our home workshops in the beautiful Cotswolds countryside. Our classes were fun and relaxed, full of gossip and giggles. The classes were so much fun but we wanted to bring them to many more people, more than we could reach from our homes. So The Stitch Sisters online sewing classes were born.

We love colour!

Our style journey has constantly evolved over our time together – taking inspiration from fashion magazines, the sewing community and each other. We love putting together a me-made outfit (twinning is winning!) and we are always sharing patterns, fabrics, shoes and accessories! We love the postive influence that wearing bright colours can have on your mental health and we try to encourage our community to be brave in their style choices and never be defined by their age or body-shape. Most importantly we think the clothes you make and wear should make you happy (secret pyjamas are our jam!) – hence our tagline Make Yourself Happy.

Our sewing journey



Nikki learned to sew when her twin boys were babies. She felt the need for a hobby that would give her some much needed me-time! She started her sewing journey with quilting but was inspired to learn to make clothes when she met Rachel. She still loves to quilt; her biggest love is handsewing English Paper Piecing quilts from scrap fabrics she has left over from her dressmaking projects. 

Rachel learned to sew when she was just a teenager. She wanted to sew so she could make her own clothes. The first thing she ever made was a paid of pinstripe flares! You can see that her passion for fashion has never faded. She is passionate about making high quality garments which she can wear time and time again, using the most fabulous fabrics.

Where you can find us...

We love connecting with all our friends, customers and followers all around the world. You’ll find us on all of the social media platforms, but here are some of our favourites….

UPDATE: Sadly, our Facebook and Instagram accounts were hacked and then removed by Meta in 2022. We have been working ever since to get them back, but we are not currently active on those platforms. Our Facebook Group is still live but we no longer have access to it, it is being used by unauthorised people so we would recommend avoiding it.


We have been filming fun and inspirational videos for YouTube since 2015. If you want a giggle you can go back to the very beginning and watch our filming and editing skills from back then, we really have learned a lot!


Pinterest for us was always the place for us to find inspiration. We have lots of boards to inspire you with fashion, sewing, crochet, fabric, how to’s and tutorials and much much more.

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