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We are Rachel and Nikki, a dynamic-duo sewing team called The Stitch Sisters! We both share an absolute, unadulterated love of sewing and we want to share our addiction with you! Having run a successful sewing school from our home studios for the last 4 years, we are now offering a range sewing classes online at affordable prices, meaning anyone can join the fun!

From homewares to dressmaking, gifts to bags we aim to provide classes for all interests and abilities. Click on the Classes link above to see what's on offer or click Blog to see what else we've been up to!

Our Latest Classes

Here are some of our most recently uploaded classes! We are filming new ones all the time. So if you don't see anything that's right for you just now, make sure you check back in soon. Or even better, subscribe to our Newsletter so you can be notified of new classes when they are added!


If you are interested in becoming an instructor, we'd love to hear from you!
Rachel Derrick
Rachel Derrick


Rachel is a vintage-styled dressmaker with a passion for sewing history. She has a preference for vintage patterns and fabrics, loves upcycling, and is never happier than when rummaging through hand-me-down treasures.

    Nikki Waterlow
    Nikki Waterlow

    Quilter & Crafter

    Nikki is a contemporary crafter and quilting queen. Her “scrappy” patchwork style using bold colours and fabrics is instantly recognisable. She prides herself on using every last piece of fabric. Her style is fun, colourful and modern.